For Christmas this past year, Grandpa Kirk and Nana Debbie got our family a season pass to Thanksgiving Point. It has probably been the best gift we've ever been given- it saved me over the cold winter months when I needed something for Halle and I to do. We went to the Museum of Natural Curiosity a LOT. It's such a cool museum and Halle loves it! There's also the Dinosaur Museum, and as it's gotten warmer we've also been to the farm there a lot! I'm way off topic, but we love Thanksgiving Point, and another huge perk of our pass has been the Tulip Festival! It's so so beautiful and our pass got us in for free, so we went several times. These pictures are some of my favorites of all the times we went. Halle would "smell" the flowers every time we went, and whenever she'd see a flower that had lost its petals she would say, "ooooh noo." So cute. I think she got super sick of my taking her picture there, and I don't blame her. haha. There's just something about taking a picture of a cute little girl and beautiful flowers!

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