Memorial Day

We had such a fun Memorial Day together as a family. It was like deja vu being this pregnant on Memorial Day. (Since I was prego with Halle during the same time exactly two years ago) I love holidays that are jam packed with fun activities, family, friends and good food. Memorial Day always feels like the start of summer to me too, so that's something to be excited about! 

We started out the day by going on a hike, we did the Bells Canyon Reservoir hike. Not a super easy hike, but also not too hard so this 8 month prego lady could do it no problem. The trail was packed- but it was a really fun hike with mischievous little Hal Pal. 

We came home and had lunch and then took a family nap! Those are my favorite. Halle did some swimming in the backyard pool and slide and then we met up with Kev's bro and sis at the splash pad and then had a bbq with the fam. 

I love these pics of Halle I got on my camera. Kevin was making her smile and laugh. Man I love this sweet little girl. It's so fun to see her little personality, she is pretty funny and super smart. 

On our way home from all the fun we stopped and got a snow cone. YUM. Bring on summer! 

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