Baby Wayne

On April 2nd, my sister had her baby! They named him Wayne Tanner Simmons and he is the cutest thing ever! I have nieces and nephews on Kevin's side that I married into, but there's just something really special about having a little nephew being born and welcoming him into the world at the hospital. There's nothing better than a sweet little babe fresh from heaven! 
I mean just look at him! 

Uncle Austin:

Those lips! 

I love him! 

These next few are from Wayne's blessing weekend, which was also Mother's Day and my mom wanted a picture of her two cute little grandbabies. It was difficult to get a good one to say the least but we got a few cute ones! It's been so fun to see Halle with Baby Wayne, she is so sweet with him and when we go home from being with him she always asks about him and says, "Baby Mayne?" I can't wait to see her as a big sister! And it's going to be so fun to see these two little boys only 3 months apart! 

We were in the backyard during the weekend and I had to capture these three cuties. Us Dodd's love our dogs! 

Brandon fell asleep on the floor after a long day of work, cuddled up to Halle's puppies! 

Halle and her cute uncles- we had a great weekend celebrating Wayne and we are so glad he's here. We love him lots. 

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