Iphone photos from April! It's always fun to go back through my phone and see photos that I forgot about. What better place to put them then our little blog? 

Navy and Molly just chillin in the dog bed at my parents house. These two are as thick as thieves, they are such bffs. Molly is already bigger than Navy! 

This is from a Sat when I was out to lunch with a friend- Halle fell asleep on Kev (her falling asleep somewhere besides her bed is SO rare) Little cutie. 

Every night when we give her a bath we take off her diaper and she makes a break for the bathroom- so funny. 

Kevin went with our brother in law Tanner to one of the Jazz playoff games. Kevin's not a diehard Jazz fan, (Supersonics for life;) but had a great time being there, even though they lost that one. 

I don't remember where I was for this one, but this is another one Kev sent me. Halle right after her nap. You never know what her mood is going to be! haha

Kev made these window well covers for our backyard! We kept looking for some, but we couldn't find any that we liked, so he whipped these out! They look so good! 

Kev got the bike rack of his dreams and we got a new SUV! Our old one died so this one was the replacement! 

Taking the dreaded glucose drink! It's really not that bad though, in my opinion. :) 

My cute Halle girl and I 

Hal pal is loving play doh! 

Halle watching uncle Brandon play lacrosse. She loves Uncle Brandon! Anytime she sees someone playing lacrosse or baseball, or even football she says his name- so cute. 

Aquarium day on a rainy day:

My little Target run buddy:

New sunglasses! 

We met up with some of our neighborhood buddies and went to temple square to see the pretty flowers. The weather wasn't ideal but we still had fun! 

Angela and I got asked if these three were triplets. We love Zane and Lizzie! 

I finally went to see Beauty and the Beast with Kylie and Meghan- loved it! 

Halle's game for a little while was putting a blanket over Navy and chasing her around the house to do so. Navy was so patient- what a dog. haha

Downtown SL with Hill, Tann, and brand new Baby Wayne

Kev got some ice cream and Halle kept saying, "a bite?" "a bite??" 

An iphone snap from when Ash and Max were visiting from Nebraska. So great to see them! 

Kev LOVES this photo but look at Halle's face! We were facetiming him while he was at work and Halle thought his faces were so funny.

We were so proud of our perfect row of tulips this year! I mean, just look at em! 

Thanks for being great April! 

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