For Easter we were up in Logan with the fam. We had a great time with everyone. My mom did this fun Easter Egg hunt for Halle where we tied balloons to the eggs so she could find them easier. She loved it and it was fun for her to be the center of attention to find all the eggs! 

We headed back home on Easter Sunday so we could make it to our ward, (kevin was teaching) except it was pretty brutal because Halle slept awful the night before, which is SO unlike her. I think maybe she had too much sugar the day before or something but because of it Easter was brutal for all of us! We were exhausted! Oh the joys of having kids! :) I bought Halle this cute dress when we were in Paris, thinking ahead that it would be her Easter dress. But then she was the grumpiest thing ever on Easter because of no sleep so my cute pic didn't happen. But somehow I survived! 

I love my family and even though the three of us were exhausted on Easter, we had a great weekend with family, remembering our Savior and what He's done for us. 

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