Venice! We drove from Florence to Venice and stayed at an Airbnb be in a small town outside of Venice. I should have taken a picture of the house we stayed at, but it was this big white house in the country. It was the first time we'd seen a washing machine during the trip so that was a blessed thing. There were also lots of spiders in that house so that was really terrifying. 

After a good night's sleep, we drove to the train station so we could take it into Venice. It was a colder day unfortunately but it didn't take away from experiencing the grandeur of seeing Venice! It really was so cool to walk the streets with the canals right there. Maybe it was because it was a rainy day but there were some pretty nasty smells in that charming city, but luckily it didn't take away too much! 

The first thing we did when we got there was to take a tour of Doge's Palace. Its one of the main landmarks of the city and used to be the home to the Doges of Venice, which used be the main authority of the Republic of Venice. 

The first part of the tour was the prisons, and our guide told us all about how Casanova was one of the prinsoners here that escaped. It was creepy but cool to see the prisons, and reminded me a bit of Alcatraz. 

The prisons and the palace are all in the same buildings, just differnt floors! 

Kevin's brother proposed to his girlfriend during a gondola ride! We all knew it was going to happen (except for her) so we took some pictures for them.

We jumped on the gondola right behind them, but didn't care to pay all the money to do it just the two of us, so we went with kevin's dad and step mom and his sister and bro in law.

Kirk and Debbie:

I wanted a picture of us on the gondola, so Kirk and Debbie actually ducked for us to get this picture. They were really sitting right behind us! haha

And another one: 

The beautifully scenic St Mark's Square:

We really loved Venice, it was so cool to be there! 
Next stop, Athens, Greece! 

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