Santorini! I think this was my favorite stop of our trip (its hard to choose between this and Cinque Terre though) This place has always been on my bucket list, (maybe from my teenage years reading Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?)  and it was incredible to actually be there. We just did a day trip there from Athens, our flight left at 7:00 am and we came back to Athens at 7:00 pm, but I still felt like we had plenty of time to take in the beauty!
Really, these photos speak for themselves and there's not a lot I can even say. 
Once we flew in we rented a van and dove to Oia (pronounce 'eeuh' I had no idea!) Oia is the most pictureesque city, I feel like there's always pictures of it on travel photos. We spent the morning exploring Oia and I was seriously in heaven. I also took a million photos. But, sad story, so a few days after being here the sd card from my camera I had been using had an error on it, and we still can't recover it! We can pay someone to do it, but its expensive. Thank goodness I loaded all the pictures from this post onto my phone before the error popped up, but we still lost some. 

I was so glad the day we were there that it was the most beautiful blue sky and sunny day. Perfection! 

Kirk (Kevin's dad) was an excellent photographer for us and was basically our own personal photograper. I loved it! 

That water! 

I couldn't get over all the picturesque little doorways! I think I need to frame this picture, I love the clean white with the bright blue door! 

This was a popular picture spot and we met all sorts of fun people that were there on a stop for a Mediterranean cruise. They would all ask us to take their photo and then would offer to take ours and I kept saying yes! haha I couldn't help it! 

My 24 week baby bump! 

After Oia we headed to Fira, there were the most beautiful wildflowers growing along the road! 

Little did we know, it was Greece's National Independence Day on the day we were there, so we caught a festive parade, it was so cool! 

Kevin and his dad and bro in law rode Donkeys down the mountain. I felt so bad for those poor donkeys though. 

Cruise ship in the background, I think a Mediterranean cruise might be something to look into someday! 

We found this beautiful red sand beach: 

For dinner we found this little greek restaurant on the edge of the cliff, so it had an incredible view! There was live music, some Greek men singing their Greek hearts out. They were really loud though, like we couldn't have any dinner conversation. But we had the full experience, that's for sure! 

The whole family:

The original Whites:

I love you Santorini! Next and lost stop: Paris! 

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