Rome was our first destination and we got there after flying from Salt Lake to Amsterdam for 10 hours, and then 2 hours from Amsterdam to Rome. Leading up to this trip I was bascially a basket case with the thought of leaving Halle for that long- I wanted to cancel and not go! It was so hard to leave her, but she was in the best hands ever with Kevin's Aunt Kelley and Uncle Dale who flew in from Vancouver WA to stay with her for almost two weeks. And of course, she was more than fine. She cried and was so sad when they left. I am super grateful to them! I had the best time despite my worries. This trip with Kevin's entire family, ten of us total. 

On our drive from the airport to our Airbnb as we were driving through the heart of Rome, I was sitting in the backseat of our 9 passenger van in awe. In awe of the beautiful old buildings and statues that I had seen time and time again but only in movies. It also helped that the day we got there was the most beautiful sunny day. We dropped our stuff off at our Airbnb and headed off into the city. Our first stop was to get some delicious gelato, the first of many gelato stops!

My camera was full of pictures of buildings, windows, doorsteps, flower boxes, etc. The streets were just so beautiful and picturesque! I couldn't get enough! 

Our first stop was the Trevi Fountain and it was so surreal to be there! How many movies are at that fountain, am I right? Its like I was Lizzie Mcguire in real life. ;) It was so beautiful and so fun to be there. It was really crowded as you can imagine. We were there in the middle of March, not the busy season yet, so I can only imagine what the summer is like. We went at the perfect time! 

Kirk and Debbie:


Next stop we walked to was the Spanish Steps! Antoher beautiful stop in Roma.

Some of the crew:

The first full day we were there we got up early and headed to the Vatican. We had pre purchased tickets and had hired a tour guide, which was nice that we didn't have to wait in line forever. It was all just so cool, I loved learning about the history. And now I think I need to watch Angels and Demons again. 

This is not the original Last Supper painting, (its in Milan) but was a full wall to wall to tapestry- It was really cool to see. 

Just learnin so much:

My most favorite part of the Vatican tour was The Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, but I followed the rules and didn't take any pictures. It was so cool. It was cool to see so many pieces of art that I had learned about in my Art History Classes in College. Even if they got a little boring towards the end. You can only see so many statues of naked men. 

This is the square where thousands of people gather and look for the smoke to signify the next pope has been chosen. It was cool to be there, again I felt like i was on a movie set or something. 

After the Vatican we walked to the Fountain of the Four Rivers, this is also in Angels and Demons when they find a dead guy in here! We stopped and ended up buying a BEAUTIFUL painting of Cinque Terre in the square here- I need to get it framed now! This artist's stuff was so good and he gave it to us for a great price. 

From there we walked to the Pantheon- it was really cool! Okay, I'm a broken record for saying that now, woops. But really, it was. There is a dome on the inside that is awesome. 

The Rome Capitol Building:

Next up was the Colleseum. All I could think about at first was how there is no way Lizzie Mcguire could have had a concert in there. haha The boys especially loved this one, learning about all the fights in there.

We had just about 2 days in Rome and it was perfect. You can only see so many old buildings and I feel that I had my fair share in that city! We finished off with a delicious lunch and Kevin overdid it a bit on the desserts. But I'm not complaining at all. After this we rented two cars to split between the family and started the drive for Cinque Terre! 

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