Our last city was PARIS! I loved Paris, it was unreal being there. (how I felt in most of the cities we visited) As we were walking the streets all the movies and books I've ever seen or read started coming back to me, like Les Miserables, The Scarlet Pimpernel, etc. Kevin kept singing the Beauty and the Beast song (Bonjour, good day, how is your family) It was all in our heads. 

After finding our Airbnb and dropping our stuff off, we went to Notre Dame! Surreal to be there I tell you! 

Walking through the cathedral, so beautiful! 

Walking past the Opera house that inspired the Phantom of the Opera: 

The next morning we went straight to the Louvre, it was so magnificent, even though we were all musemed out after almost two weeks of it:

It was amazing to see the actual Mona Lisa! Like I learned about in Art History, its smaller than you think. 

Lady Liberty:

Venos de Milo:

After eating a far too expensive lunch with the rudest waitress, we walked to the Arc de Triomphe, which honors those that fought in the French Revolution. 

Next walking destination:  The Eiffel Tower! 

Its so iconic and seeing it in person was aboslutely unreal. My real name is Madeline and growing up I had a (and still have) a Madeline from Paris collection, like we're talking all the books, a doll, a teaset, a lunch box, etc. I even had a blog once called "Madeline from Paris" so it was cool to actually be Madeline in Paris for a day. :) 

I'll admit I didn't really want to at first, but we went to the very top of the tower, the views were amazing as you can imagine! 

After riding to the top we grabbed some dinner and then went back to see it lit up. Magic I tell you! 

On our last day in Paris we made a stop at Luxembourg to see the gardens:

I love this picture of us:


Sacre Coure:

We did a boat tour down the Seine River before we had to head back to the airport for home,  it was a great way to say goodbye to the city:

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