St George Weekend

At the end of February we took a super quick weekend trip down to St George. We mainly went to escape the incoming snow and to get some sunny weather. My grandma has a little mobile home there, so that's where we stayed. (Thanks Grandma! :) It was really nice to get away with my little family- I sure love them! It had been a long winter and seeing some sun over this weekend made me really happy and excited for spring and summer! 

Kevin brought his bike and got some good riding in Snow Canyon while we played in the sand dunes. We even went back to the Sand dunes later that day because Halle loves playing in the sand so much. 

Later that day after lunch that required an outfit change. haha

One of my new all time favorite pictures!

I wish you coudl hear the giggles associated with these next pics:

We went to a nine o clock church that Sunday before we headed home and I got this sequence of Halle pictures. I love them all because they show her hilarious personality. She loves collecting rocks and sticks and I think I have a lot of that to look forward to in the coming summer months. 

We bought her these cute little converse all stars while we were in St Geezy, They are so adorable and now her and I have matching shoes! 

I think the St George temple is one of my favorites and we stopped there real quick before we drove home and let Halle run around. And I was obviously in a picture happy mood. haha

It was a great, quick weekend in St George with my cute little fam! 

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