Seattle- Merry Christmas Kevin!

As Christmas krept closer this year, I was racking my brain for something I could do for Kevin that he would actually love that was also meaningful. He is a fantastic gift giver and always goes above and beyond, and sometimes its hard for me to matfch him. And he more than deserves it! So in thinking about the things Kevin loves most, The Seattle Seahawks came to mind, so that's where the idea was born. 
For the last few years he's talked about going to a game so I made it happen! I booked plane tickets, an Airbnb, bought game tickets, the whole nine yards. I even emailed his boss to make sure he could miss those days at work since I was surprising him! He ended up finding out earlier than I could surprise him though, (dumb credit card I didn't think he had access to! haha) but it was almost better he found out early because holding that secret in was killing me! 
So in the middle of December we flew to Seattle and had a fun weekend just the two of us! My family took little Halle for us, and we had a great time! 
Our Airbnb was on Capitol Hill, a really lovely and "trendy" part of town with lots of fun shops and cool houses. It was really really cold the weekend we went, but that's winter for ya! 

Once Kevin found out we were going he took the liberty of scheduling a Safeco Field tour. What most people don't know about Kevin is that he loves baseball and the Mariners even more than he loves the Seahawks! He was in heaven during this tour and I think our tour guide was too! Kevin knew so much already so this cute old man could dive into facts and stories he probably woulnd't have otherwise. The tour ended up going an hour and a half longer than it was supposed to, and I was so done. haha but Kevin was loving it and so I didn't say anything. Merry Christmas Kev! ;) 

Then that night we went to the Seahawks game! They played the LA Rams. It was my first NFL game, so that was kind of fun. It was fun to be there- those Seattle fans were insane! It was cold, but we had a good time. It was the best day ever for Kevin, what with the Mariners and the Seahawks!

After the game we had a couple days to explore Seattle, which we always love to do. We didn't go to far from downtown since it was so darn cold! But we had a great time just being together! The New Rogue One Star Wars movie came out while we were there so we saw that, which was nice since we don't get to the movies much lately. :) 

The Seattle Sounders won the Championship this year, and this cup was just chillin in Pike Place Market so Kev made me to take a pic, but didn't want to wait in the line. haha

Yummiest Cookies ever!

The last night we were there there were hundreds and hundreds of people dressed up like Santa Clause in Pike Place. It was crazy! I guess it was a pub crawl and these people went all out. 

We love Seattle and it was fun to spoil Kevin a bit, he deserves it! 

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