January to about the beginning/middle of March is all a blur to me! The biggest news of all was that found out I was pregnant! (a few months before that) but I was really sick during the beginning of the year. It was kind of rough, I was not feeling great at all, but still had to entertain and take care of Halle, and we couldn't go outside because the weather was awful. It was rough and kind of took a toll on me! It made me think I need to move to Arizona or something. I think that every year though, so I'm not sure why I get so surprised every winter.  But I really shouldn't complain, we still had some fun times and I got through that first trimester sickness! 

At the beginning of January Hillary and Tanner got a new puppy! Her name is Molly and she's an Irish Goldendoodle. She is theee cutest! I went with Hillary to pick her up since Tanner was out of town. It gave me all sorts of flashbacks to when we got Navy! Halle and I just went up to Logan for the day real quick, so Kevin and Navy didn't get to meet Molly yet. 

Hillary and Tanner came down one weekend to stay at our house and we went snowshoeing in Millcreek Canyon! It was really fun and super beautiful. There was a lot of snow but it was actually really warm out, so it was perfect. 

Halle and Molly are the cutest little duo! 

We found out at 16 weeks that we are having a Boy in July! (Due date July 16) It was so crazy, I was SO SURE I was having another girl. I don't know why, I was just so 100% positive about it all. So I was shocked, but obviously still so excited! I don't know how to do boys yet, but I'll learn! haha

We told our famililes in November, but this is how we announced it on Social Media. So exciting! 

Kevin finally finished our bathroom renovation! It took forever but I'm so glad its done! 

I love this picture of Halle and her sweet cousin Chloe! 

Halle became obsessed with playing with these potatoes one day. I eventually drew faces on them and she pushed them around in her little shopping cart all day! 

It finally started to get kind of warm for a few weeks there in Feb (and then got cold again of course) But we took advantage of any day we could go outside! 

Playdate with Halle's buddy Zane! 

The first day I tried real actual pigtails on Halle. She does't like to hold still to get her hair done, and she kind of has a bit of a mullet, but they were cute! haha

This was taken at Primary Children's for Halle's Orthapedic Dr Appt. On her left hand thumb she has whats called "trigger finger" Google it, but its bascially that the left thumb is locked in a bent position and can't be straightened. Apparently like 1 in 10,000 kids gets that. I noticed it when we were driving to Disneyland and I was sitting in the back with her. Who knows how long she's had it for though! The Dr bascially told us what we had found out online (which was kind of annoying) that on most kids it will straighten out on its own, but if it doesn't by kindergarten they do a little surgery on the ligament and remove it. No big deal but so random! I can't complain at all though since its not a serious medical problem and she't not in pain or anything! 

Not a lot gets this cute girl down! Except for the occasional almost two year old temper tantrum. :) But those pass quickly enough! 

This is not a recent picture, but I share it because in the cold of winter our Furnace decided to go out! We knew when we bought this house that it probably would eventually, but It was awful when it really did! We have the kindest people in our ward that lent us some space heaters for the day and neight we were without heat, and my sweet dad (who owns an HVAC company) came down and spent the entire day installing a new heater for us. It was a Monday and he took three hours getting home because of a snowstorm! I'm so grateful for his selfless service, I love my dad! 

I keep finding Halle in her room like this and it makes me so happy! I love that she loves books! 

This is the only picture we got from Valentines Day, my mom sent us the cutest Valentines package that included these mustaches. V day was low key for us and we went out to dinner with Halle. Kevin got himself a new bike rack for the car and I got some new chairs for our dining room. Or maybe we made Valentines Day the excuse to get those things? haha I love these two! 

We had my sister's family baby shower at my house and it was really fun! The "Oh Boy" letters were from Amazon and were WAY bigger than I thought they'd be. haha. It was fun to see a bunch of family there to celebrate Hill and Tanner's little boy!

Austin came with Mckall and hid downstairs, I love these pictures of him and Hal- SO CUTE

Kylie and I gave our selves a girls night one night and went to BYU to watch Stephanie Neilsen speek. It was so good and she was such a great speaker! And it was fun to have a night out with Ky, as always.

This was on a day I had the worst attitude ever about the snow still being there so I tried to take some cute pics of Halle to improve my mood. haha

I got called to be the Secretary in the Primary Presdiency in our ward! I am super excited about that calling, I haven't been in primary before. These pics don't really have to do with that, except that they were taken before church one day and Halle's little personality is hilarious. 

Halle was a little model for my friend Meghan's bow shop, One Classy Baby. These are some of my favorite photos. Her bows are so cute! 

We had a big play date with some friends at our house and it was a lot of fun and a lot of chaos. We kept laughing that this is our life now! Trying to get a pic of all of them on the couch was hilarious. 

Just cause she's the cutest! 

Documenting a 20 week baby bump! There still wasn't much there at this point but I'm glad I got a pic to document it- I haven't been as good at that this pregnancy! 

I went to this Mom Conference with a couple friends and it was great! There were a couple great speakers and it was nice to have a day away with some girl friends. I MAJORLY scored and have maybe never been so lucky, because I won one of three Fawn Design bags during a random drawing! I have wanted to get this diaper bag and honestly probably would have splurged and bought it before baby boy came, but then I won one! It had incredible prizes inside it too, in all the whole thing was probably worth at least $1000. I still can't believe I won it! 

The loot from the bag! Not pictured a $100 visa gift card! 

It had to be documented that me and my sis are pregnant at the same time! It's so fun and she's getting so close! 

We met up with friends and went to the Farm at Thanksgiving Point- it was so much fun! We need to go there a lot this summer. 

Why is she getting so big??!!

Now spring has sprung and we are so excited! 

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