Kevin was a litte turd on Christmas morning and surprised me with a trip to Disneyland! Okay not really a turd at all, but I had given him the Seattle Seahawks game, so I didn't have too much for him on Christmas morning, and he gave me normal presents on Christmas morning, and THEN surprised the heck out of me saying we were going to Disneyland! I told you, he is too good! I was so thrilled! He is the best husband ever.  We drove there and Halle did pretty well in the car.
It was SO fun to take Halle to Disneyland. Its true what they say, its really just magic to see their eyes light up. If she loved Mickey Mouse before she went there, she REALLY loves him now.  I can't wait till we can take her a couple of years from now too, when she understands even more! 

Disneyland is exhausting! 

I need to hang this one in my house! Its so picture perfect! 

Halle LOVED the parade and it was pure magic! 

Disneyland is my happy place and I can't wait till we can go back! 

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