This post basically consists of random photos taken in the month of December, which makes them Christmasy photos, right? :)

This was one weekend in December at my parents house. My mom bought this awesome Teepee and Halle was in heaven! 

My mom has always made these Ginger Molasses cookies dipped in white chocolate during Christmas time- its tradition! They're so good! 

Documenting Halle and her cute Christmas PJs, since I knew I wouldn't get any good ones on the actual day. She is a ham and I love her! 

This was taken after church one day, the first day she went to Nursery! She wasn't quite 18 months yet but they let her come in. She LOVED it. She stayed the entire time and there were no problems. She's growing up!

Yearly Christmas party with friends! It was so fun to see these friends! Britt, Meg, Ash, and I. I see Meghan all the time but we never are able to get together all together anymore. We went to Ashlee's new house- it was beautiful! 

With the hubbies and babies:

One night we went to downtown SL and looked at the candy ornament displays at Macy's. They were awesome! 

We also went to the Grand America Hotel and saw the giant ginger bread house! 

My friend Ashley snapped a couple of these photos one day for our blog and I love them! 

One year apart! Oh Hal! 

We played in the snow a lot! I am a big fan of big puffy baby snowsuits. :) 

Christmas morning! My mom, dad, and Brandon were here for Christmas Eve and my dad helped Kevin set up Halle's little kitchen. She kind of understood what was going on, and we got the cutest video of her on Chritmas morning. 

Not pictured is dinner on Christmas day with the White family! 

We went to Logan the day after Christmas to meet up with the rest of my family and to have our second Christmas with Hill and Tann and Austin and Mckall. 

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