October Iphone photos

It seems to be a trend that I post all my photos from my DSLR on my blog, and then my photos on my phone just sit on my phone for FOREVER. I am the worst at loading those on my computer. I recently got a new phone so all my photos came to my computer and I forgot about a lot of them as I was looking through. So this is a post dedicated to October and only the photos I took on my phone! It's crazy how soon you forget about something that happened even just a few months ago. 

So this was technically Sept 30 but we'll make it count for this post. :) We went to this huge Korean Mission Reunion for Kevin. It wasn't just Kev's mission, it was a celebration of missionaries being in Korea, so every mission president and missionary that had ever served in Korea was there and they did this whole program, it was really cool. Kev LOVED it and I loved seeing him love it so much. We got to see his mission presidents before hand, Pres and Sister Burton. They are the best! 

Aggie Game! I'm pretty sure this was the only game that we went to this season, we haven't been as supportive of our aggies as of late! Woops. 

This is from one day Halle, Navy and I went on a walk and had fun playing in the leaves. The only way I could get her to smile for these pictures was to put my phone on selfie mode so she could see herself! Then I was getting her to make all sorts of faces. She's hilarious!

Museum of Natural Curiosity- we are obsessed with is place! And since October we got a family pass for Christmas so we go all the time! It is seriously the coolest children's museum I have ever been to. This is the water section which Halle loves! 

When I say, "Halle, give Navy a hug!" This doesn't always happen but most of the time:) 

Many White family Seahawks watch parties happened this past season. This was a weekend when Trent was in town so the whole fam was together! If I remember right this was also the day after Grandpa Kirk's surprise 60th bday party! I don't have any photos from that but it was really fun!

Cousin Eliza reading to Hal pal

That weekend we also went to the pumpkin patch and went on a wagon ride!

Halle and her cousins:

I mentioned in a previous post that we went to Gardner Village A LOT in October, and here's one of the outings with our fun friends:

Trying to get five kids to smile for a picture. haha

This is on a walk in Logan with Hillary, this is right by the house I grew up in, it's a magic place in the fall!

This is the Halloween party at Grandpa Kirk and Grandma's Debbie's neighborhood. It was really fun and Halle even got to ride a horse! 

I posted about Cornbelly's already but here's some iphone photos! 

My friend Ashley and I started a blog! It has been really fun so far. We have taken a little break since I got pregnant and she's moving to Nebraska- but we'll be back soon! This was from our launch party our husbands made us do. Kevin even made a cake! haha

With friends at Wheeler Farm!

Halle and Kevin mowing the lawn!

Kevin did new backsplash for us, its white subway tiles, and after the tile set in this picture we did a white grout! 

We started redoing our bathroom so we took some trips to home depot- these guys love it there!

Another walk in the park with these cuties!

Gardner Village with cousins:

This was at home in Logan, my parent's dog Sheba is the most patient dog ever!

Kevin strangling Navy at Gardner Village ;)

Target run with Halle on Halloween!

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