November! My birthday month! I don't know what got into me, but I barely took any photos. That must mean I was having too much fun and forgot to pull out my camera, right? 
I got these funny pictures of Halle one day while we were waiting for Kevin to come home from work, her litttle personality kills me! 

"Put em up Nav!"

The night before my birthday I went to The Alison Show's birthday Bash. It was SO fun and the perfect way to celebrate my birthday with some of my closest friends. It was such a fun party and I kind of felt like I was in High School or College again, which was actually really great. The party was on Alison's actual birthday and the night before mine so it was so perfect to be at this party right before my birthday. Birthdays when you're an adult just aren't as cool as they used to be, and this party made it kind of cool again. :) I decided after this night that I don't have girls nights enough and that needs to change! 

Meghan, Kylie, Hillary, Me, Jennika, and Tara

And these last two are the only other pictures I have for the month of November. haha They are both from my birthday, one was from the Babylit book sale, Hill and I went and the line was super long. I sent this picture to Kevin haha. 

We went to the mall on my birthday and Kevin took Halle to Build a Bear and this is a pic he sent me. haha so lame. November was great, just not documented very well. 

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