Austin & Mckall's Wedding

On November 4th my little brother Austin got married! It was a happy happy day! The weather was so perfect for them. November can be hit or miss but they had the most clear beautiful day and it was perfect. We all love my brother's wife Mckall and are so happy she's apart of the family! 

They had me do the invites and they turned out so good! Mckall has such great taste and they were so simple and classy:

Sami Jo Photography did their photos and they are so perfect and beautiful! They got married in the Logan temple. So far my mom and dad, Kev and I, and my sister Hillary and her husband Tanner  have all gotten married here. 

They are the cutest couple! 

This photo is so HAPPY To me. I love it! 

See Halle's face? Yeah their wedding day was a hard day for her, she missed her nap with all of the festivities and she had a rough day. My cousin Crystal and her husband Dale took her to their house after the luncheon and put her to sleep for the reception- they saved the day! We wouldn't have been able to enjoy the reception without them! 

Some of our extended family:

Mckall's Bridesmaids! I was a little skeptical about this dress but ended up loving it! Hill and I got spray tans before their wedding so I don't look as pale and ghostly as I usually would in November. :) All of Mckall's colors and everything was so beautiful! 


Little Flower Girls, I'm so glad Sami Jo got some decent ones of Halle for these. She was GRUMPS haha

My sweet family! Love these people! 

Halle! haha

My cute parents:

Father and son:

Mom and Aust:

My siblings! I love this picture! I can't believe how old (and tall) my brothers are. 

Our new sis! 

Love this pic of Mckall! 

Family photo take 2

They had their Reception at Cherry Peak resort in Richmond, it was so beautiful! 

My dad made these letters that light up! He is skilled. 

I designed this seating chart:

Mom and dad:

Maybe my most favorite part of the day was before Mckall tossed her bouquet she did the full on Single Ladies dance- it was so awesome. 

Such a fun day! I love my fam! 

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