Every October I make a post like this, with a million photos I took in October. Can you tell October is my most favorite month? 
We had a fabulous October! We spent most of it at home doing all the fall things and enjoying the fall leaves. And I spent it taking too many fall pictures of little Hal Pal who wants absolutely nothing to do with my camera these days. But I still got some good ones! 
We met our friends Ashley and Ryan on Sunday and did an impromptu photo shoot. Halle was not having it for the most part (as usual) but she still got some good ones! 

We went up to Butterfield Canyon in between conference sessions. I love that tradition. 

My old friend Ola was in town with his wife and took me and all of the other sisters who taught him out to lunch. It was so good to see him and I can't tell you how happy it made me to see Ola happy and strong in the gospel. Nothing better! It was so special for him to meet Halle. She was SO tired at lunch though and was ready for naptime. haha

We went to Petersen family farm in Riverton and picked our pumpkins. Halle loved the farm animals and the pumpkins equally. She tried to pick up all the pumpkins. I love seeing her excitement. I'm so excited for the holidays with her! 

This was right before the mean turkey bit her finger. It was so sad! 

I went on a canyon drive with my good friend Meghan while Izzy and Halle took naps. We went up Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons and it was so beautiful. 

We had our neighbor's Leslie and Jared over to carve pumpkins. Halle decided she loves Jared and always wants to go to him every Sunday. haha so cute. 

Park outings:

"Give Navy a hug!" 

In Draper:

Cornbellys. Kevin and I had never been, and we were so skeptical of the price. But we really enjoyed ourselves and so did Halle. We stayed for hours! 

We ran up to Logan one day for my sis in law Mckall's wedding shower, and had some time to kill in Logan. Logan is INCREDIBLE in the fall. Really all of Utah is, but there's just something magic about Logan. I couldn't get over how beautiful it was and took these pics of Halle up at USU:

We went to Gardner village like 5 times in the month of October, (its nice that we only life 5 mins away) its so fun with all the witches to find and just a fun place to be for Halloween. We met up with friends and just went as a family a couple times. Halle loves it there too! 

Halloween. My awesome sister in law Lachelle gave us this hand me down cow costume and it was so cute and perfect. Poor Navy. She was a good sport though. 

We went trick or treating with the cousins and Halle loved it! I thought we'd go to one or two houses tops, but then she  made it most of the night and wouldn't let anyone else hold her candy bucket! Seeing that little cow bum waddling around all night was my favorite. 

We had the most fabulous October! Its def my very favorite time of year. :) 

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