Oahu, HI

For the end of our trip we headed to Oahu for 3 days. We went for two reasons, we love Oahu, and mostly that we wanted to see our cute friends that live on the North Shore, Mike, Steph and Rosie, and Adam and Kristin. We stayed in Hauula at this cute beach house through Airbnb:

This was literally right across the street. So beautiful! We went there every morning we stayed here. 
Our little beach baby:

We had a beach day with some of our long lost friends. It was so good to see them and catch up.

I seriously can't tell you enough how good it was to see these guys. We spent a lot of time with them and it was fantastic! 

Halle sharing yet again how much she loved the beach! 

I felt so lucky that we got to see both of the Hawaiian temples on this trip! The Laie temple is incredible. 

This is right before Halle tried to jump into that water and I had to make a beeline for her. haha

Matsumoto's Shave Ice. The line was SO long, and it was really good, but not any better than another place with a way shorter line. Just saying. 

She wasn't expecting it to be cold. haha

Waimea Bay. Such a beautiful beach! 

Right before we headed for Honolulu and the airport our awesome friends took us ziplining. Last time we were there I couldn't go because I was pregnant with Hal, so it was fun to do it this time. Kristin was the best and brought Halle up on the Polaris. 

These three buddies though:

Halle fell asleep on Kristin while we were zipping. She never does that! She must have loved Kristin and been really tired :) 

I got to go to Pearl Harbor for the first time and I loved it. I loved the solemn feeling that was felt there. It's a special place. 

We went on a little drive to see this beautiful view of Honolulu. I was blown away with how many Asians are in Honolulu. Asians are awesome. 

Waikiki Beach:

We flew out of Honolulu to SLC on the red eye. I had so much anxiety because of how the flight there went, but Halle was an angel and slept the whole way home. Six hours! The trick was buying a pillow at Target and laying it across our laps. She slept so good and it was awesome. 

It was so good to be in Oahu and see some of our close friends!