Big Island, HI

So it's about time I blogged our amazing trip to Hawaii that we took in September. It was seriously such a dreamy and incredible vacation- I think it will be one of my favorite memories for years to come. 
We started out flying to the Big Island of Hawaii. Before we get to actual Hawaii, I have to mention the flight ever. We flew from SLC to LA and then LA to Kona. The five hour flight from LA to Kona was absolutely miserable. Halle was so tired but couldn't fall asleep, and was having a hard time the entire flight. It was awful and gave me a lot of anxiety. Thank goodness the trip made up for it, and the flight home went amazing, so that made up for it even more. 
I absolutely loved the Big Island! Its different than other Hawaiin Islands, but I loved how super laid back it was and how you would see lava fields on one side of the road, and on the other you would see the lush green Hawaii you would think of, along with the brilliant blue ocean. 
Kev found us a deal (he's the king of deals) to stay at the Hilton Waikoloa Village and it was INCREDIBLE. All caps because it really was that incredible. He mentioned that we had a baby and were needing a second room,  so they had us stay at King's Land, which was separate from the main resort, but we still had access to go to the main resort whenever we wanted. At Kings Land we had our own kitchen, deck, an extra room for Halle where they provided a crib, and our own room and luxurious bathroom. It was an amazing place. The pool was awesome, as well as the breakfast! We loved heading over to the Hilton Hotel, that place was a mini Disneyland and I was blown away whenever we were there. 

There were flamingos at the Hilton! I was in heaven! For some reason this animal is so cool to me. haha

Halle made sure we went to the pool every morning at 8 am. And I really didn't mind, it was a great way to start the day. 

Memorable story: So this was right before a sunset and there were lots of people gathered at this spot. Halle was sitting there on the grass and this cute group of people from the Philippines were waving and smiling at her and she was eating up the attention, waving back and saying, "hi." They were smitten with her.  It was so cute! 

Not a great pic, but a dolphin!

This was also at the hotel, I loved this! Flowers growing through the lava rock

This was from our porch at our room. She's pretty darn cute! 

The view from our room:

I love my girl! 

The time we spent just hanging out at the resort was some of my favorite parts of our trip. There was just something great about hanging out at a beautiful place with my cute little family with nowhere to go and nothing to do. (and good food to eat) I love my family and I decided that the resort life is the life for me. ;) 

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