Hanging with Hal Pal

Since Halle turned one I haven't done the monthly updates but I wanted to make sure and write a post about some of the things Halle does lately because she's just too darn cute to handle. Some of the things she does lately (12-14 months) that I don't want to forget:
-Says "hi" all the time to everyone. At the grocery store, at the park, church, you name it. If there are people there she will be saying hi to them. I love it so much- She also has no stranger danger whatsoever and will go to anyone. I love that she loves everyone. 
-Started saying "oggie" that also sometimes sounds like "aggie." We couldn't figure out what she was saying but then we realized she was saying doggie! I would say that "hi" and "doggie" are her first real words. She does know mommy and daddy but she doesn't call us that or anything, so I don't think it really counts yet. 
-She's started to come over to the couch or chair where we're sitting, grab our finger, and pull us where she wants us to go. Its usually to go outsideIt's adorable but also a little tiring, sometimes I just . want to chill on the couch! ;) 
-Several times a day she'll grab mine or Kevin's finger (when he gets home) and pull her over to the rocking chair in her room and point to the books that are on the little shelf above it. She is obsessed with this book lately, its called "The Wonderful Things You Will Be" Its by Emily Winfield Martin and it really is the cutest book ever with awesome illustrations. We probably read it 10 times a day. I now have it memorized. 
-She is still a good eater, but when she's bored or done she throws her food on the floor or hands it to Navy. Drives me nuts. Sometimes for breakfast or lunch I make a smoothie for us to share and give us each a straw and we slurp it up together. Good times. 
-She has never really loved watching shows, but lately she is LOVING Sesame Street. We started recording it and she watches it most mornings during breakfast. I have a confession though, I've kind of enjoyed watching it because Elmo's so freaking cute and it reminds me of my childhood a little bit. haha
-Still our champion sleeper. On a normal night that we're home we give her a bath and put her to bed at 7:00 and then she doesn't wake up again till 7:00 or 8:00 am. Its glorious. She still takes 2 naps throughout the day. They're usually an hour and a half naps, sometimes longer though. Girl friend is like her mom and needs her sleep! 
-She is a fiesty little thing with an opinion of her own and some sass! She will do what she wants to do when she wants to do it. But she's also sweet and obedient, she's a good mix!
-Navy is her BFF. Halle loves being given a graham cracker. Not so she can eat it, but so she can run around the house and taunt Navy with it. She giggles and giggles and giggles when Navy steals it from her. 
-She recognizes her family that we don't see all the time. We recently went to Logan to visit my family and she was SO excited to see everyone and it was so adorable. 
-Whenever music comes on, she starts dancing. It consists of waving both of her arms up and down

These are some pictures I've taken of her the last couple months. Most of them are of Halle and Navy playing in the backyard. On nights that we're home we just play in the backyard until bedtime. I know these are going to be some of my favorite memories to look back on, those times when we're just haning out together at home. 

I love this one because THOSE CHEEKS! THE CUTENESS!

We have definitely received our $10 worth of this pool from Target. I think we used it just about every day this summer. 

Kevin and I's new favorite picture:

Halle LOVED Bear Lake! I can't wait to take her to Hawaii! 


So elegant at my parent's house:

The backyard again:

On the fence on the side of our house there is this little square hole. I think the purpose of it is for a hose to go through. Navy always sticks her head through to bark at other dogs. I caught them doing it and I can't leave one of these pictures out because they kill me. 

More playing in the backyard. I love in this succession of pictures that you can see how much Halle's hair has been growing in the last couple months. We love little Halle, she makes our world go round! 

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