Like did August even happen? I have all these pictures of things we did in August but that month flew by so fast and its all a blur. 
Kevin did the Spartan Race with the guys in his fam- It looked brutal, but they did it! It was kind of brutal for us to watch because it was so hot! 

Kory's shorts (I wish I could use emojis on here, you know which one I would use) 

We finally got up to Bear Lake and had the best day! I love it there. 

Austin and Mckall came with us, we love them!

Family photo op:

We hiked the wind caves. The leaves were already starting to change! Hill came with us but wasn't feeling super awesome so wouldn't be in any of the pictures. She was there though!

I saw that we were in the same spot so I wanted to recreate this photo. Maybe it should be a tradition? 

Went with some friends to Wheeler Farm, Molly was so sweet to share her snacks!

We love that Kylie and Brendan live here now and we love sweet baby Gwen!

Baby Gwen came and hung out with us for a day- Halle loves her. These two are only 9 monthes apart

Courtney stayed with us for a weekend before flying back to New Mexico. We loved having her and baby Eleanor stay with us! 

I have like a million captions that could fit this photo. haha

Kev's brothers girlfriend invited us to her company party at Seven Peaks. It was so fun because it was so empty! 

Me and my girl:) 

The Petersons had an extra ticket and invited me to Newsies at the Capitol Theatre. It was SO good. And I love the Petersons. 

Meghan and I went to the Bright Night Event! It was a conference with amazing speakers and we had the best day! I loved it! 

I love this picture of me and Hal Pal!

Halle's new Seahawks chair her grandparents got her. 

Thanks for being great August! 

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  1. No lie, I've been looking for a suit like the one on the little surfer girl for myself! :)