Oregon pt 3

On the last couple days of our trip we spent some time exploring the coast. I've found that one of my favorite things in the world to do is drive down the west coast. Anywhere on the west coast really. One of my favorite memories is when Kevin and I took a trip to San Francisco soon after we announced we were pregnant and drove Highway 1. Such great memories! Anyway, driving the Oregon coast reminded me a lot of that and it was wonderful. I can't say it enough times but the Oregon Coast is absolutely breathtaking. 
On this day we drove from Lincoln City to Newport and stopped at a few lighthouses and lookouts along the way. 

The fam!

You can't tell, but there were hundreds of little penguin like birds all over this rock squawking away. It was awesome!

It wasn't cold, but was super windy! I thought it was too windy for Halle to be walking around but I thought wrong. She was loving running around and saying, "hi!" to everyone. You have to watch her like a hawk because she's not afraid of any strangers. 

Cute Austin and Mckall:

One of the beaches was a black pebble beach- it was really cool, I had never seen anything like it! 

This view though:

Luckily Halle couldn't really walk on the rocks so we were able to sit down for a minute. haha

One of many throwing the baby pictures. It barely phases me anymore. And Halle loves it. 

Halle with her uncle and future aunt:

The house we rented had the most beautiful backyard! There was a large deck, a hot tub, a fire pit, a little pond with fish, and the coolest vines that wrapped around the house.

Such a dork;)

The brothers. A bunch of dorks. 

We had such a great time in Oregon and were really sad when it was all over. I definitely want to go back. 

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