Oregon pt 2

This night we came over to Taft beach (which was just across the street from our house!) and enjoyed the fire and smokiness. The boys started playing boche ball with rocks they found along the beach. So the girls went for a little walk. 

I loved all the drift wood along the beach

We also played Werewolf (Mafia) around the fire. We played several very heated games. It was the perfect setting for such a fun evening. 

This is where Mckall stayed, a cute little room separate from the house:

The fam bam. I sure love these people. 

This is from one of the days we spent at the beach, Kev caught a crab! There were lots of people along the beach catching them to sell.

Lots and lots of kite flying:

And lacrosse ball throwing:

Sand Castle Building:

This baby. She was eating so much sand! I kept trying to get her to stop but she would not. So I stopped even trying. And the next day, well, you know what they say, what goes in must come out :) 

I love this picture so much!

Chasing seagulls

Mckall did this cute braid in my hair

The cute house we were renting:

These were right outside our window. So pretty!

We went out to dinner one night and this was the view from our table. So so beautiful. 

After dinner we headed to Roads End State Park. Unfortunately it was SO windy but we still were able to enjoy the beauty of it all

The next morning was my sister Hillary's 24th birthday! Kevin and I and her and Tanner got up early and went on the  most beautiful hike. It was called Cascade head and it was so green and lush and beautiful. Then all of the sudden we reached the look out and it was incredible! We had so much fun up there and even saw a herd of elk. It was seriously dreamy! 

Hill and Tann:

Birthday Jumps:

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