July flew by so fast I don't even know how its over! I think July is one of my favorite months of the year by far. It's just such a happy summer month. 
This month we got to see Joni and Tren who were in town from Virginia! It was so fun to see them and their beautiful Vaeda. 

Sorry I picked the one where you weren't looking Joni! Blogging takes forever though so here it is :) 

These cute girls are about a year apart:

Halle was posing so cute for me this day so here's some pics of that:

Lately we go to Daybreak on Thursday nights for all the food trucks on the lake! Yummy yummy food, beautiful views and lots of people. It's one of our favorite things to do! 

Halle loved feeding the ducks:

I have hardly taken any pictures of it, but we've been to LOTS of splash pads this summer. Halle is a big fan!

Daybreak again:

We went to our friend Brittany and her new husband Trevor's wedding reception and got to meet Mike and Steph's baby Rosie! It was so good to see them!

Fun playdates with Halle's baby friends:

The older Halle gets the more attitude we're seeing come out. She's still the sweetest thing ever but I'm definitely seeing some toddler attitude and I'm scared. haha

We love hiking! We went on a fun hike in Millcreek Canyon- we went up to Dog log which was about 5 miles round trip. We loved it because it was shady most of the way. We even saw a moose on the way down! 

Hal took a little nap on the way up:

Fizzle got these great shots, what a guy. What a photographer. 

I got these ones of Hal. Do I post too many pictures of my cute baby? Nah. :) 

This is not Navy. Navy is too scared of the water to actually swim in it. haha

Kevin's Birthday! We went to his Dad and Debbie's new house the day before and had dinner and cake. It was fun to be with his fam and I always love seeing our nieces with Halle. They are so sweet with her! 

The big 28! Kevin's not a huge fan of cake but he loves ice cream cake. I found an awesome recipe on pinterest with layers of ice cream and then cool whip mixed with crushed oreo pieces. If I do say so myself, it was delicious! 

Neighborhood dog- we should have brought Navy!

Spikeball all day every day:

I rearranged my book case to be color coded. Sometimes I feel like decorating my house differently but I don't want to spend lots of money when I know it looks fine. So I do things like this. haha

One of my good friends McCalle got married! This is from her reception:

And her wedding day! She was a beautiful bride! 

Another splash pad date with Izzy and Meghan:

This pool is across the street from our neighborhood and literally a 2 minute walk from our house. We haven't spent enough time here this summer! Halle loves it! 

Oh snapchat. These ones are so hilarious to me so I had to share. 

 We did a session at the Provo City Center Temple. My sister in law Lachelle baby sat Halle for us and it was so nice to go to the temple. I love love it there. 

And that's July summed up in a plethora of pictures. It was a good month that, like I said, went by way too fast! 

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