Fourth of July

Fourth of July, the best holiday of the year in my opinion. I might say otherwise when December rolls around, but I really really love the fourth of July! Last year we had a one week old so we didn't do too much to celebrate, so I was doubly excited for this year.  We spent the weekend up in Logan with my family and had a great time. Before we went up I took these fun pics of Halle though. These flags were at the park right across the street from our house and I was so excited every time I would drive past. It was just so beautiful and patriotic. God bless the USA amiright??

We made it up to Logan and had a jam packed weekend with family. On Friday night Logan had their firework show so we enjoyed that, even though the 4th wasn't until Monday. 

The next day we went hiking with Hill and Tann to Crimson Trail while my parents watched Halle. Not pictured but we brought Sheba (my parents OLD dog) and she barely made it down the mountain and then she almost floated away down the river and Hill and I freaked. haha we love that dog. Logan Canyon is beautiful!

Later that day we went to my childhood friend Shaelyn's wedding. She married a Samoan guy so their wedding was a PARTY! I loved it. 

On Sunday we had a big family dinner at our house with lots of cousins and aunts and uncles and BOTH of my sweet grandmas! My mom's mom, Grandma Colleen lives in Logan so we see her now and then, but my Grandma Jody, my dad's mom lives in Boise so we don't see her as much. I love this picture we got with Halle and I'll treasure it forever!

I think I saw fireworks each night we were there which was awesome, but one of the nights my dad brought out the big guns (his huge box of fireworks) and gave the neighborhood a show. We had already put Halle to bed and I was amazed that she didn't wake up. 

On Monday, the actual Fourth of July we floated the Oneida Narrows with Austin, Mckall, Hill, and Tann. Thanks again to Grandma and Grandpa for watching Hal:) I love floating Oneida, it was the second time I've done it and it's so much fun. There's tiny rapids and sometimes you float the wrong way. Great times. 

It was one of those weekends where you dread it ending because it's just so fun and full of family and food. 

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