MORE family pics

So I won the photo shoot instagram giveaway and posted those photos a few posts back, but when I won that I had already scheduled family pics with one of my closest friends, Ashley Reese. (who is an AMAZING photographer. She took Halle's newborn photos.) So we just did both. I remember a friend telling me soon after having Halle that you could never take too many family pictures, and how much of a treasure they are. So we took these too, and Kevin was SUCH a good sport. What a good husband. :) I absolutely LOVE the way these turned out and I want to frame them all over my home. But not enough that it looks like we're totally full of ourselves. ;) Again, Halle made it very clear that she hates photoshoots, but Ashley worked her magic and got some great ones regardless. I love my family! 


  1. I'm sitting at work stalking your life. Love you my gorgeous friend!

    1. I'm bad at blogging and just saw your comment. Thanks kenz, I love you!