LEt's Flamingle, Halle is one!

We had a first birthday party for Halle on Sun, June 26 the day before her birthday. Having it on a Sunday was not ideal, but I really wanted our family to be able to be here, so  my brother Austin and his girlfriend Mckall were flying in from Texas that morning and Kevin's sister Lachelle had just gottten back from girls camp the day before. So all of our family that lives in Utah could be there except for my bro in law Tanner who was in CA for work. It was such an awesome feeling to be surrounded by most of our families, the people we love most. Her party is probably one of my favorite memories now, just because of who was there, and to think that they all love our little Halle as much as we do. It really does take a village people. 

I had WAY too much fun planning this party. Of course Halle wasn't even aware that it was her birthday, but we had so much fun! I kind of think the birthday party is more for the parents, like we totally survived our first year of parenthood! 
I went with the Flamingo theme and it was fun because flamingos are everywhere right now. I ordered the huge flamingo and "1" balloon from Amazon and went and had them blown up at Zurchers the night before. We ordered cute little Flamingo toppers for the cupcakes that turned out so cute. My cute mom brought the cupcakes and made the cake. We had everything set up in our side yard and backyard. It was so hot though so we stayed inside for a lot of the time. When things cooled off a little, a big group when in the backyard and played boche balle, spikeball, and a new favorite, can jam. I unfortunately didn't get a picture of the backyard games, but they were a hit. My awesome Sister Hillary took a lot of these pictures, I was all over the place so I was glad she took so many! Looking back I should have taken some of her though. Anyway, it was so fun to celebrate our Halle girl!

I got this cute cake topper from Alex Mattox designs, I just love it! I bought these flowers and my mom made the cake look pretty. It turned out SO cute!

My mom let me borrow her Letterfolk Co letter board. Thanks mom! I have been this close to buying my own but haven't been able to commit. 

Even though a simple text message would have sufficed with our tight knit mostly family group, the graphic designer in me couldn't help but send out an invitation. I love how they turned out! 

Halle's cute cousins Chloe and Eliza are SO cute with her, I love it. 

Halle wasn't sure to act with all of these people in her house. So she just ate all the ice. :) 

THIS ONE. Oh my goodness. She's so done. haha

The cake smash was definitely my favorite. Everyone gathered around and she had a bit of stage fright with everyone looking at her, it was cute. She wasn't quite sure what do with the cake at first but Kevin helped her to smash it and then she had a couple bites before she was done. 

Navy helped too

DONE. haha

She did end up getting cake all over my hair. haha

Cute Meghan, Johnny and Izzy

Halle scored in the presents department. She is one loved little girl, that's for sure. 

I can't get over these cute girls!

Austin and Mckall!

Ryan and Ashley. I can't wait for her to have her baby!

This picture of Asher is so cute!

Brandon and my cute mom!

And my dad:

I should've been more on the ball and taken more pictures of people that were there but I was wrangling this cute baby!

Thanks for taking this picture Fizzle!

This was taken at the end when most everyone was gone, but I still love it. We are so grateful for our people, we love them all. We are so blessed and Halle is so loved. I couldn't ask for anything better. Halle's first birthday was definitely a success! 

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