Halle is ONE!

Our sweet little Halle girl is one! I can't believe its already been a year. I have been feeling so nostalgic lately. Its so cliche but it really feels like we JUST brought her home from the hospital. Its crazy how fast this year has flown by and it kind of makes me want to cry that its already over. I guess I need to have more babies. Eventually. haha. I remember those moments of bringing her home for the first time so vividly. I think I'll always remember it, it was all so magical. I don't think it will ever feel quite like that again, since it was the first time we became parents. 
I feel like when I became a mom I found the rest of myself I didn't know I was missing. I know, I know I am being SO cliche and cheesy in this post. But I can't help it because its all so true! Becoming a mom has been hard but the best thing that has ever happened to Kevin and I. Its like we didn't know this kind of love could exist.
One year has definitely been our favorite Halle stage so far. We have of course loved every stage, but this one is definitely our favorite. Her little personality has come out so much and she is curious, always, on the go, and hilarious. She points at everyone and everything, it kills us. 
We had so much fun celebrating our sweet little Halle with her birthday party the night before and then a low key day on her actual birthday. We went to dinner at Macaroni Grill and then took her to Toys R Us and got her a couple things. Kevin got her one of those little tikes basketball hoops, but in pink so its a girl toy now. haha I think its more for him than for Halle. She loved Toys R Us, I think she could have stayed in there for hours, and I wanted to buy her everything. 
We love this baby girl and had so much fun celebrating her Birthday!

My cousin's wife Ellie took a few one year pictures for me in her "studio" aka her new house and they turned out so cute! Halle did not cooperate but Ellie got some good ones despite her being uncooperative. 

I took these next photos on her birthday- she had a lot of fun playing in the balloons. I love this baby girl so much! 

I'm someone that usually doesn't remember little details very well, so I think that's why I take so many pictures. I am so grateful for all of the pictures and videos we have taken over the last year- they really are such treasures to me now. I put some of the videos together and made this little video of her first year:


  1. Oh my gosh...that is not cheesy at all! It made me smile so big. I love that being a parent has really helped you become your best self. What a wonderful celebration :)

  2. how cute is this! I love all the balloons!