girls camp

I had the opportunity to go to Girls Camp a couple weeks ago and it was so much fun! It was my first time going as a leader and not a participant, and its crazy how different the two roles are. Not bad, just different! It was really fun for me to get to know some of the girls better and I was so glad I could go! I went up a day late, I dropped Halle off at Kirk and Debbie's house, Kevin picked her up after work and then worked from home the next day, so it worked out perfectly that I could go. 
The theme for our ward's camp was. "glamping" and we had some fun things like a an old couch, chandeliers hanging from the shade tents, a "spa" after the hikes, etc. 
The them for the stake was "Press Forward" so we had a craft with painting an arrow and our wards hats were so cute with an arrow that said, "press forward."
It was so much fun and it was amazing to see these girls as they develop their testimonies. They are so strong and we are lucky to have the youth we have today, they are so strong! Testimony meeting was my favorite part.

Cute Sarah whittling her stick:

Cell Phone hill- the only place to get cell service

I always remember skit night being my favorite when I was at girls camp and it was the same this time around too. So cheesy and hilarious! 

Gotta love a good girls camp fire! 

Hiking! I went on the first year hike which was relatively easy, it was a simple hike up to a beautiful meadow. Part of certification was identifying flowers, so we stopped a lot on the way up. The plus side of that was I got some pretty pictures of the flowers! I had a lot of fun with the girls on the way up. 

We made it! The meadow!

These bathrooms were funny to me, so of course I took their picture. haha

Our stake service project was to built little toy cards for kids around the world that need toys. 

We did some coloring in the down time we had, some of these girls are so talented! 

I had a great time at camp and I'm so glad I went! I'm thankful for an awesome ward, awesome fellow leaders, and the awesome girls. 

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