11 months

-She started walking last month, but this month she has really perfected it! She is constantly on the go and its so fun but so exhausting :)
-She babbles all the time and its hilarious because its like she's telling us something very important but of course we can'y understand a word she's saying. She gets this very concentrated look on her face and talks and talks and talks. We love it so much and will really miss it when she starts speaking real words. As for real words she really only says, "hi!" and sometimes "mamamama" and "dadadada" And I think she's actually saying them purposefully but I guess we'll find out as time goes on. She is sure a talker though! Or should I say a babbler!
-One of my favorite things ever is finding Halle in her room and seeing that she has pulled most of the books off of her shelf and she's "reading" them. I'll find her turning the pages and pointing to the pictures and babbling away.
-She is still an amazing sleeper! We put her to bed at about 7:30/8:00 and she doesn't wake up till about 7:00/7:30. Thank you Halle!!
-We stopped Breastfeeding right when she turned 11 months. It was a sad but thrilling day for me. haha. I realized when we stopped that I've shared my body with this baby for like 20 months and its nice to be myself again in a sense? But at the same time it was sad because I LOVED breastfeeding and I'll definitely miss that time we had together every day. But no worries, we have plenty of time together. :)
I want to share the way I stopped, a lot of people have told me how much it hurt to stop because of engorgment and such, so I was a little worried about doing it. But I did it so gradually, and little by little started giving her more formula and less breastmilk, (and more real food) so it was a really painless process. I hope to do it like that with all of my future kids, but I guess that every kid is really different :)

Who knew a box could be so much fun? Halle looks like she hates it in some of these photos but she was loving it so much! It was so hilarious and was our new game for a couple days. 

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