Halle 9-10 months!

at 9 Months old Halle was:
Crawling like crazy! Started doing the "speed crawl" when she saw something she knew she wasn't supposed to have she would do the speed crawl, head down, crawling as fast as she could to try and get it. This mostly includes the fireplace which we've had to barricade with furniture and couch cushions. 
Still talking and babbling all the time! Mostly saying "dadada" when it comes to plausible words. Other than that its mostly her own special baby language. 
She still sleeps through the night (bless this sweet sweet baby, we're talking 10 hours straight) 
She takes 2-3 naps per day, slowing moving to just 2
Started clapping and waving
Still an awesome eater, she'll eat anything we put on her plate! (except cantaloupe) 
Has been teething like crazy! 

at 10 months Halle was:
Really starting to know and recognize people, especially her grandparents! She gets really happy when she sees them on facetime. (And especially in person obs) 
Has 7 teeth!! Poor thing.
There's a painting of Jesus with little children in her room, and I started asking her, "Where's Jesus?" Whenever I would change her, and pointed at the painting. She has started doing it too and gives the biggest smile whenever we do it. It melts my heart! 
She can recognize her own name. 
She started actually really loving books, especially interactive ones she can touch and feel. Some of her books are right next to her dresser where she can pull them off the shelf and I often find her in there pulling all of the books of the shelf, looking through them and pointing at the pictures. It kills me. 
STARTED WALKING!! She started walking at 10.5 months! It started with pulling herself up on furniture, then taking tiny steps while holding onto things, then taking tiny one or two steps from one thing to another, and then she just started full on walking! Its been a blur. Its so fun to see her toddle around and explore her newfound freedom, she is in heaven and our house has been baby proofed to the max! Its nice because I can just let her go and I know she won't get into anything she's not supposed to. 

I'm so grateful for all of these pictures I have of this baby. Its crazy how fast she's growing! I'm looking at pictures from a few months ago and I'm thinking how much littler she looks. I know I'll treasure these pics forever, I need to make a book or something. 

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