half ironman

We came back to St George two weeks after Kevin's bike race, but this time for him to do a HALF IRONMAN. He's crazy. No but really, I was so proud of him for doing this. I love that he has goals and works and trains for them. F'real. Our little family headed to St George on a Tuesday afternoon, and that includes Navy, we brought our pup along. We stayed at my Grandma's house, she has a winter home in an old folks community (55 and older) in St Geezy. It was really nice to have a place to stay and it brought back all sorts of memories for me since we used to come and visit my grandma and grandpa there at least once a year when I was a kid. 
The day before Kevin's big race we checked out the course and relaxed and had a little fun. We went to Snow Canyon State Park, it was beautiful even though the weather wasn't that great. 

He's always throwing her. But she loves it so what can I do? :) 

Motherhood in real life:

haha I love this one. I love this duo. 

They had a meeting the day before for all the athletes to make sure they knew everything they were supposed to do. These people were so hardcore! 

This baby though. 

Throwing. again. But again, she loves it!

Filling up on some Italian pasta before the big race:

Testing out the waters the day before. They swam the swim portion in Sand Hollow Reservoir:

On the morning of the big race,  we all had to get up at 4:00 am so I could go and drop Kevin off. So we all piled into the car (including Navy) to drop him off and wish him luck. We came back to the house to get some sleep because I knew Halle couldn't function throughout the day if she didn't get some sleep. And lets be honest, that probably goes for me too. We got up and ready to go and were on the sidelines to cheer Kevin on as he finished the bike portion and started the run. 
The swim portion was 1.5 miles, the bike was 56 miles, and the run was 13.1. I had so much respect for all of these athletes, and it was a really fun race to watch. Halle and I had fun cheering Kevin on. It was quite the feat for me to juggle Halle when she insisted on being held, while still holding the camera to make sure I didn't miss getting a good picture of Kev as he would pass us. While he was running we were lucky enough to be close to the Children's museum so we killed some time in there and Halle loved it. 

Waiting for him at the finish line was my favorite part. You could tell that it was such an emotional experience for so many of these athletes. I saw a couple men and women turn the corner to where they could see the finish line and all the people waiting for them and get very emotional and even start to cry. You just know that for many of these people completing a half iron man was one of their goals and dreams. I saw a woman basically hobbling along, her body was clearly giving out, but you could just sit it in her face how determined she was to finish. It was so cool. 
Kevin didn't get his best time because he was running through an IT band injury, but I think he felt happy to just finish, especially since the weather was kind of crappy. I felt SO proud of him as he ran through that finish line. It was so cool! 

Throwing the baby take 3. :) 

70.3 miles complete! Next stop full Ironman! Yikes! For real, Kevin really wants to do that someday. So.... to be continued. :) 

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