Anniversary Time

We recently celebrated our 3 year anniversary! I can't believe its been three years. I probably say that every year so far, but its true. We're in our groove of life and its really fun when this day rolls around to remember and reflect on us and our story. Is almost brings me all the happiness and feels thinking how everything worked out for us to end up together. Oh Kevin, I sure love ya. 

The actual day of our anniversary this year (April 12) was a Tuesday, so all we did that day was go out to dinner with some of our good friends Ali and Josh. (and Halle!) Maybe it seems weird to go out to dinner with another couple on your anniversary, but turns out they have the same anniversary, just a year ahead, so they were celebrating 4 years while we were celebrating 3. We went to Bombay House in Salt Lake for some delicious Indian food and then headed to Menchies after for some Frozen Yogurt. We sure love these two. Halle especially loves Uncle Josh, he's a baby whisperer. 

Then on the following weekend after our anniversary, Kev and I were able to get away to Park City just the two of us. Halle stayed with Grandpa Kirk and Grandma Debbie at our house, it was so great of them to stay with her. 
We started out our weekend by taking a chocolate factory tour at Ritual Chocolate. Our tour guide's name was Willie so it was really quite fitting. :) The chocolate was all dark chocolate and some were a lot better than the others. We enjoyed all the free chocolate! And I was digging their packaging:

We stayed at the West Gate resort that's on the Park City/Canyons Resort. The weather was pretty cold and it even snowed up there, but we were nice and cozy in the hotel so we didn't mind as much as I thought we would. We had a great time just the two of us and at first I felt so weird that Halle wasn't with us and almost didn't know how to act. Okay not really, but it took me a minute. We went out to eat a lot, watched movies, actually went out to a movie (Jungle Book, so good), swam in the "adults only pool", did some shopping at the outlets, and enjoyed beautiful Park City. Its been the best three years so far. It feels like we've been married way longer than that. In a good way! :) 

I had to share this one, self time fail. ha

Kevin loves when I try on clothes:

4.12.13. Best day ever.
And here's photo of our very first date in April 2010. Check out those little babies! 

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