a week in logan town

The day after we got back from St George for Kevin's Ironman he flew to Chicago for a week for work and I went to Logan for the week to hang out with my family! We had a great week in my favorite little town. 

We went to my brother Brandon's lacrosse game at good ole Logan High. Oh the memories. Love that place. It was a REALLY cold and kinda rainy day so I debated even bringing Halle. But I'm glad we went, Brandon is such a stud. He's so good! And we bundled Halle up nice and tight in random clothes since I'm awesome and didn't bring her too many warm things. 

One of my best buds Kylie was in town from Colorado and I got to meet her brand new baby Gwen! It was so so good to see her and to meet that sweet sweet baby. 

We couldn't get enough of each other so we went to lunch at Herm's too :) 

One of the days I met up with my friend Jennika and we went to good ole Willow Park Zoo! I don't think I'd been here since I was a little kid and it was just like I remembered it. 

Noah and Halle were so cute! Fun fact, they have the same birthday (June 27) and are exactly a year apart! 

Halle was cracking me up when we were petting the goats, some of the other kids were scared of them but she had no fear! I think she wasn't scared because she has Navy around her all the time and is constantly licked in the face. haha 

I didn't get pictures, but I made sure to eat at some of my Logan favorites. Herms, Fredricos, Cafe Sabor, and Old Grist Mill (like three times. oops) 

Most of my time in Logan was spent with my family and it was so so great. 

Snap chatting the two teenage boys having a silly string war in the park. It was hilarious. 

I love when Halle falls asleep in her stroller:

She never does this anymore so I had to document!

Halle and her Grandpa. Sweetest picture ever!

One night after I put Halle to bed I took some of these pictures. The sunset and that evening light was too perfect, I couldn't resist! My parents have this giant field right behind their house so I took the dogs out and got some pretty shots on my camera. 

Those Wellsville Mountains though. 

Home with my cuties. 


I got some adorable shots of Halle. This was when she was taking 2-3 steps and was about ready to walk for real. It's crazy how fast it happens! I LOVE parents front porch. Probably my favorite place in the world. 

It was a great, great week! But we were sure happy to see Kevin when he got home! 

This next part didn't really happen in Logan but was the day after I got back so I'm including it in this post. Kevin's cousin, Sierra got married in the Bountiful temple so we headed to Davis County for the festivities. It was a beautiful wedding and a fun day. A little long because Halle's nap schedule was thrown off and she was tired and a bit grumpy, but we still had fun. I love weddings, they're the best. 

The beautiful Bountiful Temple. Their sealing was beautiful!

The bride with her bridesmaids:

Killing time at a park with the cousins before the reception:

Love this little fam of mine. 

It was a crazy week with Kevin's race, me going to Logan, him going Chicago and back, and then the wedding! 

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