St George Weekend

We went to St George this past weekend and had a really great time! The purpose of our trip was for Kevin to ride in a bike race with some of our friends. We got in on a Friday night, and the drive went better than I expected it would, what with it being Halle's first real road trip. We drove with our friend Braden, aka Fizz because our friend Ali had to drive home with us because her husband had to go to California right after. So Fizz's car was the clear choice as it had two bike racks. Anyway, we got in a little before Josh and Ali and stopped at the Temple and Visitor Center. I always love going to Visitor's Centers, it brings back such great memories. 

We stayed at Josh's grandparents house while we were there, they were so kind and his grandma was a hoot! She tried her hardest to stuff us full of cake and ice cream and in some ways it worked! Halle was a hit there, we all just sat around one night and watched her crawl around and play. 

They guys did their bike race bright and early on Saturday morning, they did the Tour de St George which was 77 miles long. It was a terrible day for a race because the average speed for wind was 22 mph and it peaked at around 40 mph. When the three of them recorded their ride on Strava they labeled something with the word, "hell" without discussing with each other.  Ali, Halle and I hung out while they raced, we met my good friend Paige for breakfast, went to Old Navy, and Halle took a nap. I love St George! Its such a bright, happy town. We made it to the finish line to see them (finally) finish the race, much later than they had expected because of the wind! Kevin has been training really hard for this, (and for future races) he rides his bike just about every day at lunch. I felt bad that the wind was so bad! 

Kevin and Fizz were the first to arrive:

This picture is really bright but I think she looks so cute!

A bit tired much?

Halle loves phones. 

Josh's finish:

We also went hiking in Zion National Park. I've been there several times but I'm always blown away with how beautiful it is. We did the Observation Point Hike because it had a really pretty view but wouldn't be too crazy with Halle in tow. The weather was perfect too! It was her first "real" hike and she did so well! I was scared to death the whole way up that something was going to happen, I couldn't help it. Man, I'm a worrier when it comes to my girl. :) She was great though. 


family photo op:

Here are a bazillion pictures of Halle, I couldn't pick just one! 

The group:

She wanted so badly to crawl around up there. But there was no way in hell that was happening. I was loving being up there but I was also in serious momma bear mode. haha

My girl and I in our shades:

Hooray for a great weekend with friends!

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