Easter Weekend

My childhood friend Ashley I mentioned above got married the day before Easter!  She was so pretty and I'm so happy for her!
Home for Easter weekend!

Halle's first Easter dress that was eventually changed because it got spilled on.:) 

She loves her Uncle Tanner:

Sista sista!

typical. haha

CUTEST hal pal with her daddy:

I thought I would go all out and buy Halle an Easter dress, but than I realized she already had plenty of options! She had several hand me downs from her cousins and my mom has bought her a couple dresses. We had fun all morning with her and she loves her new found freedom of (speed) crawling. She also just learned to clap!

This photo sums up most days for me. Halle holding onto me, making it hard for me to do anything.  but I love it. (and sometimes hate it when's she's especially clingy. haha)

Easter was really special this year, I love reflecting on our Savior. And having kids makes holidays so much more fun. I love the thought that Halle was with our Savior not too long ago. Its one of the things that makes kids so special and so pure in my opinion. I also love thinking that Halle was up there with Kevin's mom not too long ago as well. I love knowing that because of Jesus Christ we will get to see Kevin's mom again. I can't wait to meet her. (who knows, maybe I already have.) I loved this new sign my mom got, you can change what it says and I love that she did this one:

Easter family pic(s). I love my family. 

haha, typical:

 Uncle Brandon!

 Face swap with Grandma. haha


This girl is not loved at all! 

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