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Happenings lately:

We went to the Provo City Center Temple Dedication. It was so so great. We went in shifts (because we slept in for the first one), Kevin went to the first session and then we met up with his sister and her family and I went to the next session with them while Kevin watched all the kids. 

This photo represents going up to Logan to throw my friend Kylie's baby shower, since I failed miserably and there were no photos taken! Not one! I was in charge of the shower and had to leave right after it was over for my cousin Erin's baby shower, so I think I was a little stressed. Anyway, it was really fun and I was glad we were able to throw a shower for Kylie while she was in town from Colorado. It was also fun to see some friends from High School I haven't seen in awhile! 

That same weekend my sister participated in a singing competition up at Utah State. She did so good and it was fun to watch. She's so freakin talented. 

The gang of Hillary supporters:

I've been jumping out of my comfort zone lately and trying lots of new recipes. and its been really fun! (and yummy) 

I tried to make healthy chocolate chip cookies with coconut oil, oat flour, and honey, instead of sugar and butter. Let's just say I'll be sticking to the fattening cookies. :)

Crockpot meals for the win:

One of those moments after church where my life feels so happy and I hurry and snap a pic:

Kevin's training for a half iron man so he's been working out once a day, sometimes two times a day. So I can't be outdone, so I've also been working out, my goal is five times a week. Its really hard to find the time sometimes with little Halle, but I love doing it. We love running around Daybreak Lake:

My old roommate Vic is getting married so there was a bridal shower for her one weekend when she was in UT from Canada. It was so fun to see friends from college, those bonds and memories just can't be beat. 

A couple weeks after this McCalle got engaged too! Yay for friends getting married!

Our buddy Fizzle has made some weekend trips to Utah and we've had some quality Fizz time. 

Halle is sure loved by her Uncle Josh and Uncle Fizz:

White family Sunday get together:

Because Navy is cute:

We took Halle swimming at the Rec Center across from our house, we can't wait for summer!

Kev and I ran a 5k that was raising money for Breast Cancer. My mom babysat Halle for us, and we even got to go on a date that night just the two of us! We went to Bombay house by our house for some Indian Food and then saw Zootopia. 

That same weekend my mom and I went to the Vintage Whites Market. It was so fun and I found this awesome globe! 

On the way home we tried Ruby Snap cookies, and OH MA GOODNESS, YUM. 

I was trying to think of good Sabbath day activities so we went to Temple Square and had a really great time, even though I've been there a hundred times! 

One of my callings is to help with Relief Society Activities, this was the RS Birthday Party. There were so many delicious cakes! 

We had the missionaries over for dinner on St Patricks Day. I made Barbeque Chicken Sandwiches, and Macey's was selling green sandwich buns that day and I almost got them. But I'm glad I didn't because the Elders were from Brazil and Spain and were already having a hard time with American Food. It was great to have them in our home though! They get mini ipads to keep their planners, scriptures, and area book in! That would have been awesome on the mission!

I'm sure I'll mention this in my Halle update but she LOVES avocados!

Ashley (in the middle) is the first friend I ever had, like growing up starting from when were in diapers, we were next door neighbors. Well she got married! Happy happy day. This was at her Bachelorette party with another old neighborhood pal, Mckay. He was the only guy there. haha

A throwback, we're the three on the top row;

 The next day I had THREE baby showers to be at. It was nutso. One of them was for my friend Jenn, it was a surprise shower that her husband orchestrated. She was really surprised and it was really fun. I made the tissue paper background and it turned out cute. The other showers were for my friend Meghan and my cousin Hailee! 

Halle crawling in the cement. This girl wants to crawl everywhere! 

Some PRESH family pics. We love Spring!

 Halle's face! haha
 Did I mention this girl is crawling EVERYWHERE? 

The day it randomly snowed and we pulled out the snowsuit again. This girl is so fun. 

When we finally bought a couch for our basement but it wouldn't fit. so we had to punch a hole in the wall. What a great story. 

 My dishes helper:

This is an everyday occurrence. It drives me nuts but also makes me laugh.  

The cutest neighborhood watch:

 Kev and I face swapping. OH MY. haha

Grocery store buddy

We love going on the Jordan River Trail by our house! 

The timing could NOT have been more perfect on this:

 Getting my hair done and getting some bangs again! I love having bangs. 

Da bangs:

Last but not least, General Conference weekend was SO good. Its amazing how a weekend of hearing from our Prophet and Apostles can lift me in just the ways I need to be. My entire family came and stayed at our house for it and it was SO fun. I kept giving them a hard time that we were the ones always coming to Logan, so they came and stayed with us! It was really nice that we have enough bedrooms and we just got the couch downstairs so it was perfect. I love this family of mine, even though they really just came to see Halle. ;)  We were so glad that Mckall could come with Austin, we love her!

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