7/8 months

7 Months
This month Halle:
-Is still eating solids like a champ, but still primarily breastfed with some formula. She is such a good eater and really hasn't refused anything yet. 
-Started sitting up all on her own!
-Stands up on Dad's hands and LOVES it
-Started riding in the seat in the cart at Target and kicks her legs the whole time she's having so much fun
-Still babbling like crazy! 
-Loves playing with her toys, especially stuffed animals
-Usually takes about 2 naps a day, one at about 9 am and the second at about noon
-Such a copycat and tries to repeat things we say, especially from her dad. They have yelling matches back and forth and its adorable. 
-Isn't quite crawling but is so close! She can go a little ways but then digs her head in the ground and army crawls herself to where she wants to go. 
-Still sleeping like a champ for the most part. We still do our bedtime routine-it hasn't failed us yet!

Jedi Baby

Sleepy baby

In 90% of the pictures I take Navy is NOT posed. She just likes to be where the party is. And Halle drives her crazy sometimes (pulling her fur) but its apparent that she loves her. s'cute. 

8 months
This month Halle:
-Started crawling! Its crazy how proud we both were when she started doing it. We were both like, "look at her, just look at her!" haha Its a game changer though. She crawls all over the place
-Her hair has started to grow, she still doesn't have a lot, but its coming! Its still kind of a mystery what color it will be. The top looks kind of dark but the back is really blonde. So we'll see :)
-Her eyes of became a brighter blue and they're gorgeous!
-Still breastfed and some formula. I've started giving her more than just purees (scrambled eggs, oranges, banana pieces, avocado pieces, cheese, etc) and she's taken to them really well. Watching her learn how to use her fingers to pick up her food is adorable.
-Loves puff crackers and graham crackers 
-I found her standing up in her crib after her nap! It freaked me out! That night consisted of lowering the mattress. 
-Started pulling herself up to stand holding on to couches/tables! Makes me think she'll walk before she turns 1!
-Still loves Navy and now that she can crawl she crawls to her all the time. Navy usually will walk away because Halle's pulling her fur. haha
-Loves peek a boo and rasberries on her belly and cheeks. Dad gets her to laugh the hardest
-Likes reading books a little more, usually tries to eat them
-She's become somewhat of a momma's girl this month! If Kevin has her she is totally fine, happy and content, but is she sees me she immediately will cry because she wants me. 
-LOVES being outside. We love that its getting warmer!
-Talks all the time! Still says "dadadada" and "mamama" a lot. Kevin got her Jimmy Fallon's "Dada" book to lock in her first real word. haha

I LOVE this first series of pictures I was able to get of Halle. The lighting was perfect and I definitely got some framers!

THIS GRIN! (Insert heart eye emoji here)

She's figuring out her fingers lately and does this with her hand all the time! It cracks us up!

She loves her grandparents!

My mom made this doll and is selling them! (How talented is she??) Halle was her model:) 


This picture. haha


How I found her after her nap. I about died. haha

Happy 8 months of life Halle Bug!

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