Surprise Valentines Trip

Kevin surprised me with a weekend trip to California over Valentines Day and it was the Bee's Knees. It seriously couldn't have come at a better time, bless that husband of mine. When we left, Utah was covered in that wonderful foggy nasty inversion that makes its way through every winter, and we couldn't have been happier to leave it. It was a short and sweet trip and we had a great time. Its been awhile since we've had time away just the two of us and it was superb. We went to Seattle for a couple days when Halle was a few months old, but were with friends so this was nice to have just us two. 

We got into Burbank on Friday morning with no plans except for hotel reservations in Long Beach. It was really awesome to just do whatever we wanted with no agenda at all. We headed to Santa Monica beach to enjoy the blue skies, beach, and warm temps. We wandered around and people watched. (always a good time)

Kevin's one request was that we go to a Korean Restaurant in LA at Korea town. So we found a good one on Trip Advisor and tried it out. Whenever we eat at these restaurants together, I know that I couldn't survive the experience without him. The menus are in mostly Korean and I would have no idea what to order without him. We're usually some of the only caucasian people, and the waitress usually speaks little to no english. Kevin LOVES it, and when they find out he can speak Korean they are so impressed. Its one of my favorite traditions during our trips together. Oh and its delish. 

On Saturday we decided to go to Disneyland! Disney would not be Kev's first choice, but he suggested and I know its mainly because he knew it would make me super happy and excited. Which it did. I was like a kid in a candy store. Last time we were at Disney together was at Disney World for our honeymoon. I just love Disney so much and the whole time I couldn't help but imagine our first time bringing Halle with us. I can't even wait! I think I want to wait till she's like 3 or 4 though so she semi understands what's going on. 

We did so good with our one day in both parks. We hit up all of the best rides and scored on the best fast passes. We had so much fun, I felt like a newlywed couple again. 

This pic has been included because of Kevin's teeth smile. haha

Kevin could not stop laughing at my face in this one. haha

Churros! So good. 

Dole whips. Always always worth the wait. 

OKAY. I cannot say enough good things about this building. I had no idea it existed. We left Hal pal with my parents, (they're the best) but I needed to pump every so often. So I walked into this cute little building on Main Street and the cute grandma in her Disney attire asks what she can help me with. I told her I needed to pump, so she took me back to a little room with an outlet and a curtain! I was so so impressed. There was also a little kitchen for heating up food, a room full of cribs for naps, and a room with chairs for nursing. It was dreamy. And very air conditioned. And there was a similar building at California Adventure. Seriously, five stars Disney and two thumbs way way up. 

We ended our trip to Disney with the Color Show in California Adventure. It gets me every time. Disney is so magic. Our weekend was so magic! 

I sure love my awesome husband for planning this trip for us, he's the best. He does a lot of things for me with the sole purpose just to make me happy. Sometimes I don't think I deserve him! And thanks to my awesome parents for making it possible, Halle had a blast with them, making it easier to leave her. (Why is it SO hard, even when I know she'll be totally fine? haha) Valentines 2016 was one to remember!

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  1. Oh that Kev:) What a fun Valentine's! Miss you...we're face timing Fizz right now and he said he just was with you guys, wish we could have been there so bad!