To be completely honest, January in Utah kind of sucks. Yeah, I sound REALLY negative right about now and I'm usually not known for being a negative person but this cold dreary January weather has been killing me. Maybe its because I'm a mom this time around and we're inside a little more than normal, but I feel like I'm going a bit stir crazy, and is it spring yet? Now that I've finished my rant, and after posted all our January pictures, we really have had a good month despite my negativity. 

To start out the month, Kevin, my sister and I went skiing on New Years Day at Beaver Mountain and it was a blast! I love skiing so much. I love the freedom of flying down a frozen mountain with the cold wind on your goggle protected face without a care in the world. It just doesn't get that much better than that. I can't wait till we can teach Halle to ski with us. If I have anything to do with it, Hal's going to become quite the skier. And I think I have everything to do with it. ;) 

On New Years we also had a Root Beer test tasting contest. It was quite entertaining! The winner was some obscure brand from Jackson Hole Wyoming. 

Oh the Wellsvilles:

We went and checked out the ever so popular ice castles in Midway. We saw them two years ago but went at night. They are absolutely incredible at night but one of the only things I remember about them was that it was SO crowded. So this year I really wanted to see them during the day because I think they're just as beautiful during the day. They were seriously incredible and I loved that it wasn't overly crowded and we could really enjoy them. Our friends Ashley and Ryan went with us and we had a great time with them. They're expecting a little baby in July! 

Halle has a new trick! I think her and Kevin love doing it equally. He just gets so proud of her and she loves making him happy. Its the cutest. 

Ashley took these pics:

Kevin's Grandpa Robins passed away at the beginning of this month. It was not unexpected as he had been living in a nursing home for the last little while, but still sad. I only knew him for the last three years of his life, but he was a really great man. He is Kevin's mom's father so its fun to think of that reunion. 
On the way to the funeral it was really snowy and slick on the roads and we saw a bad crash right in front of us on I-15. It was SO scary. Halle has made me such a worry wart. Its like now I have SO much more to lose and my worst nightmare is that something will happen to my little girl. When we started our drive I had this distinct impression to say a prayer for our safety, especially since the weather was so bad. I feel so grateful that we did and I honestly feel that it protected us from that crash right in front of us. I couldn't help but be so grateful nothing happened to us, and more importantly that nothing happened to my baby. Motherhood has definitely changed me, that's for sure. 
Kevin's whole family was in town for the funeral and we all hung out together that weekend:

This four generation picture is a real treasure now:

And this one:

Other January happenings include Seahawks wins, but then a loss that ended their season to the dismay of Kevin and his family. (the Seattlites) 

Kevin has started doing triathalons again and had his first one. Halle and I were there to cheer him on! 

I made him take this picture with his arm showing and he hates them because he thinks he looks ridiculous. I think he looks great! haha

Snow, snow and more snow!

Hanging out with these two monkeys are what most of my life consists of and its pretty great.
I don't have a picture to depict it, but I've been staying really busy this month with freelance graphic design as well as etsy orders. Its so nice to be able to do a little work from home while I stay home from Halle. I am grateful!

We had a week straight of all 3 of us being really really sick. Just colds but it was not fun. To celebrate feeling decent we went to the Provo City Center Open house. It was beautiful! And Halle went into a temple for her first time at 7 months old. I love the feeling in a temple, even when its not even dedicated yet. 

Goodbye January! You were pretty good! But now that you're over it means we're closer to spring. :) 

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