All things December and Christmas

This Christmas was the first one in our new home, as well as Halle's first Christmas so it was really special,  even though Halle will never remember it. Growing up Kevin's family always went into the woods to cut down a Christmas tree, so he's always had a real tree. I had never had a real tree, growing up we always just had a fake one and I didn't mind one bit. We wanted to try out a real one this year though, so we went to a tree farm and picked one out. 
We had a couple different Christmas parties in our home, I was terrible at taking pictures of them though, what has happened to me? haha. One of them was a group of some really great friends from High School and their husbands and baby. We had such a fun time and I made Zupa Tuscana soup like you get at Olive Garden. It was the first time I really felt like a grown up hostess, you know, setting the table, slaving over the kitchen with the food, etc and it was kinda fun! 
Its always magic to me when the first real snow comes. Kevin got up early and shoveled ours and our neighbor's driveway, and I was so excited so I got Halle in her snowsuit and we went out and enjoyed it! To me the first snow is the magic of Christmas! 
I wanted to take a family photo to send as a Christmas card but I didn't want to hire a photographer to take them, I just wasn't feelin that this year, and I'm sure Kevin wasn't either. Family photos are super important to me now, especially with Hal. I had a friend tell me she regretted not taking more and I've always remembered it. Anyway, the one we did send was one we took on a self timer in the backyard. haha. I need to post all of the outtakes because they are hilarious. I think we took like a hundred photos and there was literally one that worked. It was a miracle we even got one, what with a baby and a dog and no one to distract them to look at the camera. I was pretty proud of us! I like to send out a Christmas card because I love connecting with our family and friends, but I'd have to say the main reason is to send them to mission friends that I never get to talk to anymore and will probably never see again. I love to write them a little note and say hello. There are three people especially that I became very close to that never joined the church that I would consider some of my dearest friends. 
We went to Logan on Christmas Eve day and spent the holiday with my family. It was the first time we have all been together for Christmas in years and this time we had Kevin, Tanner, and Halle with us. It was really special. Christmas is magic and I'm so grateful for a holiday that is centered around Christ. It really hit me harder than it ever has this year that He truly is the reason for the season. I think Halle has put that in perspective a little more for me:) 
After dinner on Christmas eve we roasted mini marshmallows and made smores. We'd never done it before and it was fun! My mom really toned down Christmas this year, didn't decorate as much as she usually does, didn't do some of the traditions we usually do. It was kinda sad, but it was still an awesome Christmas and it helped me remember the most important things. 
On Christmas day we opened our presents and then all went snowshoeing together. It was really fun! It was a beautiful day and Halle fell asleep for most of it. Sheba my parents dog (laziest dog ever) caught a mouse so that was gross. 
We had a really amazing Holiday season surrounded by friends and family and I couldn't be more grateful for that! 

My siblings and I before the USU vs BYU game:


Picking out a tree with this little cutie:

Halle's face KILLs me in this:

 Our tree:

You didn't know there were elephants in the manger scene?

Family photos that my sis took for us:

Bad lighting but good times:

She really made Christmas so good:

Friends over for dinner, love these guys!

First Snow!

The day of the first snow our friend Cooper came over to stay for a couple of days:

They were soaking whenever they came in so this was a common scene:

Halle was in heaven!

Christmas cards:

Baby's first Christmas:) I posted more of these in her 6 mo update. 

Heading to Logan:

Cherry Limeaide, yum. 

The whole fam dam. I look taller than Kevin haha

Of course Austin and Brandon brought their Lacrosse Sticks:

My CUTE parents:

Right after Sheba caught the mouse:


  1. It looks like you had such a wonderful holiday! Your photos are beautiful :)

  2. I have that same Nativity! You're daughter is a doll. Love and miss you!! :)