4, 5 and 6 months old

4 Months
This month Halle:
-Started eating solid foods and loved them from the beginning! Grammy fed them to her the first time because we were at her house and she was so excited to do it. 
-Towards the end of this month she started rolling over! Its a game changer because now I can't just leave her on the couch
-Started loving toys this month, especially her Sophie the Giraffe toy
-Loves loves loves to jump in her jumper. We have one of the ones you hang on the door frame
-Attended her first USU football game!
-Percentiles have stayed the same consistently, 50% for weight and head and 70% for height. Maybe she'll be tall like her mama!
-Still the happiest baby around! 
-The best news of this month- started giving us full on belly laughs and its ridiculous the happiness that sound brings

5 Months
This month Halle:
-learned to grip and pinch REALLY hard. 
-Because she can roll over, we stopped swaddling her, which made our almost perfect sleeper since was 3 weeks old stop sleeping through the night. So Kevin did some research and discovered Merlins Magic Sleep suit, which makes her look the Michelin Man. She has slept amazingly since. Hallelujah. 
-Said sleep suit has finally helped her to nap! Like I said she has slept through the night since she was a few weeks old so I can't complain, but now she takes naps during the day and its life changing!
-She watches Navy like a hawk all the time. Navy has learned not too get to close or Halle will grab and pinch her and her fluffy fur.
-Still loves eating solid food. We have tried just about everything and she eats anything, even green beans and peas! But its very obvious her favorites are sweet potatoes, bananas, and apples. 
-She loves music! Kevin and I will sing to her nonstop if she's fussy. 
-Experienced her first Halloween, she was a butterfly and was in that costume for like ten minutes. Woops.
-Experienced her first Thanksgiving with the White family in Eden. I didn't take many pictures. Woops:) 

Hanging out with cousin Madison:

Thanksgiving in Eden:

6 Months
This month Halle:
-LOVES to play. loves her toys, loves to be teased, loves(sometimes) to be read to, loves mirrors, laughs just about every day. 
-Is still eating solid foods like a champ. She eats solid foods 1-2 times a day and we're still nursing 80% of the time and formula 20% of the time. 
-She is wearing 3-6 month clothes
-She weighs 16 pounds and is still 50% for weight and head and 70% for height
-rolls back and forth both ways and has been known to be found under the couch with her head sticking out. :)
-Smiles and just about anyone and everyone (unless she's getting tired) and makes lots of friends because of it.
-Can almost sit up alone, but still teters back or to the sides
-babbles a lot and its adorable. Says, "dadadada" a lot so Kevin's convinced she's talking to him
-We still do the bed time routine we have done for months, bath, lotion, eat, sleep. And it still works like a charm
-Except for about a week this month when she's been teething! At the end of this month she got her two bottom teeth and had a hard time sleeping at night. 
-And they're the two cutest little teef you've ever seen.
-She puts everything in her mouth and trys to chew on it. 
-Still LOVES to jump. 
-Had her first Christmas in Logan with my family.  Got lots of fun clothes and toys but of course she had no idea what was going on:) 
-Sometimes she'll just cuddle with me, look up and touch my face and we have our own special little moment and my hearts in a puddle in the floor.

4 generations with Grandma Colleen:

Her fav Christmas toy:


  1. I've been following for awhile now, but I have never commented. I just had to say that she is so adorable! It's been fun watching how she's changed. You have such a sweet family!

    1. Sorry for my delayed response, but thank you so much! :)