Fall time

I was doing so well at my blogging and then I failed completely! The last 5 and a half months of my life since Halle joined our family are such a blur! I seriously feel like she was born last week and I also feel like she's been with us for years. Even though its all been a blur its been the happiest time of my life, definitely full of its ups and downs, but definitely the happiest. So now its time to play catch up! This is going to feel like my camera exploded on to your screen, but that's what happens when you slack off in blogging :) 
This fall was so beautiful and I felt like I continually just wanted to get out in it and soak everything in! We went on many outings and below are times that I actually took pictures of them. Utah is so beautiful any time of year and I love all of the different options of places we can go. Fall has always been my most favorite of all the seasons and I always take the most pictures because I can never get enough of the changing leaves. I seriously become obsessed. 

We love going on walks around Daybreak lake, especially because its 10 minutes from our house! 

One of our favorite places to go is Tibble Fork Resevoir up American Fork Canyon! So so Beautiful and peaceful! (and a million photographers and engaged couple and families;)

Its so fun to have Halle around because Kevin and I have become really conscious of family traditions we want to implement that are important to us. Even though Halle won't remember anything we're doing now, its fun to start on them. One of those is to pick our Pumpkins for Halloween at a Pumpkin Patch! We went to the cutest family farm in Riverton right by our house and had a blast walking through the corn maze and picking the cutest little pumpkins. 

Here are our cute pumpkins from the pumpkin patch on our front porch. Totes adorbs. 

Our mantle. Notice Kevin's fantasy football trophy he plays with his friends. That didn't last there too long. haha

And here it was for Halloween:

Halle's first halloween:

We went up to Silver Lake one night and it was so gorgeous! I had actually never been there before! I've been up Cottonwood Canyon many times, but never to Silver Lake. Kevin was loving pushing the stroller on the boardwalk. 

For General Conference weekend we went home to Logan, and it was a wonderful weekend with my parents and bros and sisters. Conference was amazing as usual and I felt so happy and inspired about life. In between sessions on Sunday we went up Logan Canyon to second dam. I think I take for granted how close these beautiful places in the mountains are to us, whether in Logan or in Salt Lake. So beautiful!

My siblings are my bestest friends. And poor Halle was completely asleep in this. haha

The boys:

Hill and Tann:

I may have slept through a few conference talks:) 

We got to hang out with our good buddies Fizzle and Cooper one day:

I took this photo on Kevin's new (at the time) Iphone and was amazed how blue her eyes looked with no filter! The sun was really bright so maybe that had something to do with it, but man I am obsessed with this baby and her baby blues!

I got domestic one day and made banana and pumpkin bread!

On Tuesday nights a ton of food trucks come to Daybreak lake.Yum!

These pictures are from a Saturday afternoon where we had spent most of the day running errands and cleaning our house, you know, normal Saturday things. We were tired and decided we wanted to take a break and go up Butterfield Canyon to see some fall leaves. It did not disappoint! Yet another canyon right by our house!

Like so many others, every fall I am so obsessed with the fall leaves. I find myself taking numerous walks and drives to soak it all in. As pictured below :) 

Kev got us season tickets to USU Football this year and we got to take Halle to her first ever football game. She did really well, I think a lot of that had to do with getting her noise canceling headphones. That chubby lil babe fell asleep by halftime. I feel like the headphones made her cheeks look way chubbier than they are. haha so cute!

And there goes my favorite season yet again. I think this was my favorite fall yet because of our little Halle bug!


  1. Halle is so adorable. And I LOVE how you decorated for Halloween!! :)

  2. I LOVE this. You little family is so cute! That sweet little baby is precious!