My Sister's wedding

August 22 was a very special day because my little sister got married! It was seriously such a great day and I am so glad that those two are finally married. ;) They were sealed in the Logan temple and it was so wonderful. Moments like that are so great for remembering what's most important in life. Family. I am so happy for my sister and how happy she is. Her and tanner are an amazing couple! Their wedding could not have been more perfect. They let me design their invitations and they are my favorite ones I have done to date!

To start out the wedding festivities there was a wedding dinner the night before at Mack Park in Smithfield. The food was absolutely delicious and it was awesome to hear everyone's tributes to the happy couple. For some reason I was super nervous to give my little speech but it went well and I didn't even cry. 

Their wedding day was so perfect. It was a beautiful August day and it wasn't too hot. I'll call that a win. 98% of the next pictures were taken by our family friend, Scott Jarvie, he was an amazing photographer.

Hill asked me to be her maid of honor and the dress she has me and her bridesmaids wear was so cute! It was the perfect dress for her wedding colors. (coral and light blue) I'll be honest, I was only 6 weeks postpartum at this point and I'm not a huge fan of myself in that dress, but this day was not about me:)

Kevin kills me in this one:

My mom made Halle bug her flower crown and it turned out so cute!! It went perfectly with Hill's bouquet. She was such an angel on the wedding day, she slept a ton and was perfectly content. I was so grateful for that because it allowed me to really enjoy my sister's wedding day.

My siblings: 

Grandma Colleen:

Cutest brothers ever:

My dad with his mom and siblings:

Hill with our grandmas:

The parents:

A convert from Hillary's mission came! it was so sweet!

Their reception was in our neighbor's backyard and it couldn't have been more beautiful!

All the heart eyes:

My wonderful family:

What a cute brother!

The cutest little flower girl:

For the hundredth time, it was the perfect day and I'm so happy to have Tanner as part of our family! 

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  1. What a beautiful wedding, couple, family, EVERYTHING! Such pretty pictures!