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We were able to go on a quick weekend trip to Seattle and had so much fun! We went with some College friends from Utah State because the football team was playing Washington State. To be honest, a football game wasn't the thing that brought me there, I just really love Seattle! Its such a beautiful, cool city. Its also where Kevin's family is from, so its always so fun to go back, especially since his dad and stepmom moved away. 
I mentioned this in my last Halle post, but this was my first time away from my Halle bug. :( We had originally planned on taking her, but it just didn't make sense to cart a 3 month old around. It was unbelievably hard to leave her and there were lots and lots of tears shed on my part. She stayed with my mom, and there's no one else I would have felt comfortable leaving her with. I pumped all throughout the trip so I wouldn't lose my milk (every three hours) and I was dreading doing it, but it ended up not being so bad because we were usually in the car driving somewhere for 15 minutes else every 3 hours. Halle was a perfect angel for my mom, sleeping every night. Once we were there I was able to enjoy myself and in the end I was glad that we took the trip. I couldn't have done more than three days, but it was a good little break and it was very refreshing. 
Whenever we go to Seattle it brings back the BEST memories for me. The first time Kev brought me home was Oct 2012, soon after I'd gotten back from my mission. His dad and Stepmom were still living there so he showed me his childhood home, his high school, elementary school, and just all sorts of places in his hometown. We took the ferry to Seattle and had the best time checking out Pike Place and Kevin's dad showed me where they feed the seagulls at Ivars. You literally hold a french fry over the edge and the seagulls swoop down and eat it. We did that this trip and it was so great! Anyway, so many great memories for me, so I always love going back because it takes me back to such a great time in our relationship. 
My first Seattle Trip:

We rented a house through Airbnb and I am so glad we did that rather than staying in a hotel. We had a group of 10 so it just made sense to do it that way. The house we stayed at was INCREDIBLE. We're talking like a million dollar home, and it was clearly owned by Chinese people, as it was decorated very orientally. We were dying- it was so funny! 

We did all of the fun touristy things which I always love. Pike Place, The Gum Wall, Gas Works Park, Fremont Troll, etc.  We also went to a place called Ballard Locks, where the ocean meats fresh water and they transition the boats. It was so cool to see the water raise and lower! 
Our friend Alex lives in Seattle so he hung out with us and took us to some delicious restaurants! The best eating experience was a Korean place. Kevin was in HEAVEN being able to speak Korean again, and the cute little owner was the sweetest lady ever. Kevin kept asking her if they had more things in Korean and she kept bringing us more and more food and didn't make us pay for it! It made me even more determined to keep saving for a future trip to Korea! 

The Gum Wall is SO GROSS. But I also love it. Its so artsy and just cool to me. I am fascinated every time I see it. I can only be there for like 5 minutes, because I start smelling that smell and I high tail it out of there! But I love it. haha

The guys:

The next pictures are of feeding the seagulls. I have been playing with my 50 mm lense lately and shooting in manual and have been loving it but have a lot to learn still!

This guy was happy as a clam to be home and I loved it:

My best friend Kylie who lives in Colorado was also in Seattle this weekend for the Aggie game! So we met up at Pike Place and she told me the big news that SHE'S PREGNANT! She's announced it to the world now, so we're good :) Her babe and Halle will only be 9 months apart so I am stoked. It was so good to see her.

Here are the Ballard Locks- It was so awesome! Google it! 

The Fremont Troll is always a must:

This looks like a boy band picture to me. And I am awkwardly hugging Kev's leg. Weird. haha

I need to learn to take pictures at night. :) 

I LOVE the views at gas works park. I could stay there for hours. 

This guy was trying to lift off and we watched forever cheering him on. But he didn't end up getting up. bummer. 

Ali and Josh taking selfies:)

The USU vs WU game was okay. We lost unfortunately, but the stadium was really cool as it was right on the water! Hill, Tann, Kev, and I got to meet up with our cousins Chris and Annie who live outside of Seattle, so that was really fun! 

On the last day we went to Tacoma/University Place where Kevin grew up. Just Kevin and I drove up and we had a great day. First we stopped at Stadium High School where they filmed Ten Things I Hate About You. Every time I come here I imagine Heath Ledger dancing down the stairs of the football field.

I was remembering when Kev brought me here 3 years ago. Good times! 


We went on this five mile drive by Kevin's house and saw these little guys. IT WAS SO PRETTY. 

We drove past the house Kev grew up in. It was so weird for him that someone else lives there. Funny story though, I snapped this picture and then this lady holding a baby came to the window and was staring at us. It was so awkward!! haha we were totally creeping on her. 

I've always wanted to buy flowers at Pike Place Market but never had a great reason, but we bought some this time for Kevin's mom's grave. It was good to be able to visit it, I wish we could come much more often. As we stood there together I felt all sorts of gratitude for her and the way she raised her son. I obviously never met her, but now that Halle is here, its hard to explain it, but I feel this closeness to her because I'm raising her grand daughter. I love thinking that Halle was just with her a few months ago. 

On the night we flew out we had a couple hours to kill so we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Seahawks game. Kevin was in heaven being in a restaurant full of Seahawks fans. I don't think there was one person not wearing seahawks attire. Ali and I were like, Whatevs. haha

We had SUCH a fun time, but I was so stoked to go home and see my Halle bug. I am so glad we went. I love Seattle! There are many more trips to come and I can't wait to show our Halle bug her dad's home! 
As I was reminiscing I pulled up these old photos. Good times :) 

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  1. What a great weekend that was! Way to capture it in its entirety Madi! DJ rooooooomba.