3 months of Halle Bug!

On September 27 our Halle bug turned 3 months old! Time is such a strange thing, it feels like she has been with us WAY longer than that. She is just the cutest, sweetest, bestest thing in the whole wide world. Everything she does is the cutest thing that's ever been done in the history of everything. She can do no wrong. Her fun little personality is starting to come out more and more and she is such a little cheeseball! She does this ear to ear smile and hunches her little shoulders, its like her whole body is smiling at you. This month she:
-Has started to raise her head and chest while she's laying on the ground
-Can completely lift her head by herself when someone's holding her
-Her legs are so strong and she pushes them down when we hold her to a surface
-Grabs things with her little hands. I see why so many moms get the"mom haircut" so early on! :)
-She watches faces so intently and usually smiles at everyone. She's so happy! She definitely gives her biggest smiles to mom and dad though. :)
-She is the BEST sleeper. We have quite a routine down, we give her a bath every night before she goes to sleep, lather her in lotion, dad swaddles her like a burrito, I feed her a little more, and then she's down for the count, its like clockwork. She sleeps every night from 9:30 to 6:00, I feed her at 6:00, and then she sleeps till 8:30 when dad has to get up for work. After I feed her in the mornings I bring her into bed with us and its the best time. 
-Is still wearing 0-3 month clothes, but I think her legs are long because towards the very end of the month some of her pajamas were getting small, just in the legs! 
-She is nursing like a champ!
-This is the month that I left my baby with my mom and and dad for three days:( We took a weekend trip to Seattle, and originally it had been the plan to take her, but as it got closer it just didn't seem like the smart thing to do. My mom was MORE than willing to take her for me, so I pumped a lot the weeks leading up to it so she's have enough milk, (and had to pump all throughout the trip too) I'll never forget the cute older lady that touched my shoulder in the bathroom at the Salt Lake City airport as I was cleaning my pump, "Good job, mom." It was just a little thing but it made me feel a little better about leaving my baby. (it was still very fresh then)  I cried the night before we dropped her off, had EXTREME anxiety about leaving my baby, felt like a terrible horrible mother, but than had a lovely vacation. I seriously was so glad that I went and really did have a great time. There's no one else I could have left my baby with but my mom.  Halle was a dream baby with my parents, and I had a great trip, but I've never been so excited to come home from a vacation!:) I'll blog about our trip later though. 
-she adores bath time. I think it's her favorite part of the day!
-I love this baby girl more than life itself! She is seriously my little best friend and we have so much fun together everyday. We love when Dad comes home though:) 
Happy 3 months Halle bug! 

baby clothes sizing kills me. The one on the left is a nine month outfit and the one on the right is  3-6 month. 

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