One month of Halle Bug

This post is a little late, but I wanted to document our first month of our Halle bug! It was the fastest, longest, best month of our lives yet! I don't know how it is for you, but when I take pictures it helps me to remember things better, so that's why I take a million! I absolutely love love love looking back on them and remembering certain moments. This first month of Halle's life I took at least one photo of her a day, if not more! So the following includes a Halle photo dump and I absolutely love them all! They are mostly from my phone but a couple are from my camera. Its so fun to see how she's changed in just a month. She's getting bigger :( but she's still my squishy little baby. 
Here's some things to remember about the first month:

-My mom came the first week and helped us SO much. Oh my goodness, I don't know what I would have done without her. She cleaned, cooked, did laundry, held Halle so I could sleep, etc. One night her and Kevin were just chillin in the kitchen making freezer meals together. It made me happy:) She was also here on the fourth of July when Halle was exactly one week old. So we didn't really get to do anything super fun for that great holiday, and she sacrificed her holiday for us too! Lucky for us the city fireworks could be seen from our front yard though. 

-Halle LOVES baths. She has never cried once when she has been in the bath. Bathing her is one of Kevin and my favorite things to do! Kevin will wash her all over with the wash cloth, and my job is to dump the warm water with a little plastic pitcher all over her body so she stays warm. She loves it! 

-From day one Halle has been an amazing sleeper! The first couple nights home she slept for 6 hours straight, and our doctor had to tell us to wake her up every 4 hours, just for that first week. Her first month she slept consistently at night for 4-6 hour stretches. I am so grateful for that because I have actually been able to feel like a person and haven't been so ridiculously tired like you hear about with the newborns that will only sleep for two hours at a time at night. 

-Kevin is a master swaddler. We swaddle Halle every night before we put her to bed and it definitely helps her to sleep better. Her arms always seem to get out of my swaddles, but not Kevins!:) She acts like she hates being swaddled, but it works and she sleeps great. 

-Halle loves nursing. And looking back now that the month is over I can say that I love nursing too. If you would have asked me that the first couple weeks I would have told you I hated nursing! It took us about two weeks to really get it down, but we've got it now and she is a great little eater. For me it really is like what they say that its such a special time with you and your baby. I really love it. It was SO hard at the beginning, everything just hurt and it was the WORST when my milk came in. I was not prepared for that one bit. I just had two big old boulders and even showering hurt. haha but in hindsight I'm glad I went through it even though its was hard, because I feel like it's such a great thing for Halle. The wonderful thing though that she also will take a bottle, so some nights Kevin will feed her and tell me to go to bed so I can get an extra couple hours of sleep. I love that Kevin can have a special bond with feeding her as well. Even though when she first gets the bottle she scrunches up her face like, "what?? are you people kidding me?" But then she takes it even though its not her first choice.:)

Have you heard "This is my Fight Song" by Rachel Platten? Kevin sings this funny little song to the lines from that song, "This is my fight song, take back my life song" but instead he sings, 'This is my milk song, give me some milk mom!" And he waves her little arms around like she's dancing. Cracks me up every time.

-Kevin is the best dad. The best. He cleans the house, does the dishes, laundry, etc. He'll feed Halle if I need him to and once he gets home from work he changes all the diapers. I am so grateful for him and love him even more if that's possible. Especially those first couple weeks when I was still healing he was such a lifesaver. He is so cute to Halle and my favorite thing is when he talks to her and she looks up at him. So cute.

-One of my favorite things about Halle is when she's breathing on me. It that so weird? haha  Baby's breath does not smell bad and my favorite thing has been when she's asleep on my chest or right next to me and her little breath is on me. Its the most innocent, sweetest thing.  

-Navy loves Halle already. Halle doesn't really know she exists yet (oh but she will)  except for when Navy barks. It doesn't even phase her, and I think its because she heard it so much when she was in the womb:) But whenever she's crying in another room, Navy will run in to see if she's okay, and if I don't come fast enough she'll find me and look at me like, "aren't you going to go help that baby?" Also, whenever I get up at night to feed Halle, Navy comes with me and just sits by me till I'm done and then goes back to mine and Kevin's room with me. They're going to be the best of friends :) She keeps trying to lick her, and she has succeeded a couple times, but I have tried to be careful with her being so little. 

- I think we have an angel baby on our hands because she barely spits up. In her first month we have barely carried around a burp cloth because it hardly ever happens

-Halle loves car rides and they put her right to sleep

-In her first month Halle has met two great grandmas,  and one great grandpa, my Grandma Jody and Grandma Colleen and Kevin's Grandpa Robins.

-At one month she is still wearing newborn clothes. I remember thinking before she was born that there was no way she was going to be that small! My favorite outfit is a little blue onesie with flowers that we brought her home from the hospital in. I have had her wear it a lot this first month since I know it will be the first thing that doesn't fit :( 

-She has REALLY blue eyes. I really can't imagine them turning brown. But I guess you never know! Her hair is sure a mystery, she has some pretty dark pieces, some strawberry blonde, and some toehead blonde patches. At this point we have no idea what color her hair will be! 

-Halle sleeps in a Rock and Play in her room. This has been amazing sleepwise for Kevin and I because we don't wake up to every little noise she makes. She wakes up at about 5 am every morning for me to feed her, and then I bring her back into our bed to cuddle every morning. Somehow Navy ends up on the bed too so its the four us cuddling every morning. Its one of my favorite parts of the day. 

- She loves gripe water, it helps her get that gas out! 

- We were given a frida nose sucker and it has been AMAZING. It sounded so gross to us at first but when you have a baby with a stuffy nose you'll do just about anything. Google it. haha

-She kind of likes a binkie, but its not her favorite thing

Life feels strangely normal with a newborn. We really can't imagine life without our little Halle bug and its been heaven to have her around. I remember before she was born people would say things like, "do that while you can, you'll never be able to when that baby's born." Basically saying, "Once that baby comes, your life is over." Those people are the worst. Sure our lives are different now that Halle's around, but its even better now. And we still manage to have fun and be happy, imagine that :)

Coming home from the hospital:

First day home:

One week old on the fourth of July:

At my parents house in my room, Kevin watching Wimbledon. haha

Mean muggin Uncle Brandon:

The little blue outfit:

Another fav outfit is this sleeper:

First bath:

First smiles!


  1. I love everything about this post! I bet you will love having all of these memories written down to read back on! She is so beautiful. Y'all are such cute parents. She is a lucky little girl:)

  2. MADI, she is absolutely perfection. Every time I see her I'm always like..."Ahhhh, she is perfect!" I love your posts, and all your pictures. You inspire me to post more (I really am the worst at it). Keep em coming! Love that Halle girl and YOU!

  3. Oh my goodness! I love her so much! Ah I can't wait to hold her myself! annnnnd I'm definitely going to be looking back on this once we have a newborn.