2 months of Halle Bug

Halle bug is 2 months old! And its time for a massive photo dump of her second month of life. I hope I can keep up this blogging thing about my Halle bug because I know I'll be so grateful to go back and read it later! 

For the majority of her second month she HATED her binkie. Like every time we tried to put it in her mouth she made this face like, "ew." We tried several different kinds of binkies too. In the last few days of the month she finally started to take a binkie again. As well as sucking on her hand. Its so cute to see her discover her hand like that :) 

Somewhere in the middle of the month she grew out of her newborn clothes. So now we are wearing 0-3 month and 3 month clothes. I realized recently that of all the cute cute clothes we have for her, we hadn't spent one penny of our own money. People are so nice! I did go to Kohl's the other day and buy a cute little outfit, I couldn't resist, I hadn't bought one yet for my little cutie :) I still get attached to certain outfits and it still breaks my heart when she grows out of them. So I have her wear them a LOT. I think you'll be able to tell in this post which ones are my favorite. The majority of the time I keep her in onesies, its just more comfy that way!

She still sleeps in the rock n play, and I bring her into our bed every morning around 6 after I feed her. Family cuddle time every morning!

Her eyes are still SO blue. I would say that I'm 95% sure they are going to stay blue. As for the hair, its still a huge mystery. Still some dark, some toehead blonde, and some in between. If I could guess I would say that she's going to be strawberry blonde. But we shall see! 

She is still a good sleeper. Thank the heavens. In the two months she's been around there have probably been 2 or 3 bad nights where she doesn't sleep much. On Aug 27, to ring in her 2 month birthday she slept for 10 hours straight! holy cow! I had to wake her up at 5:30 because ouch haha, and even then she ate while she was sleeping. 

For the most part little Halle bug only cries if she needs her diaper changed, she's hungry, or has some gas. She is so good natured. We definitely lucked out in the good baby department! 

She has become so curious lately and its adorable! When laying down on her blanket she stares around at everything with those big blue eyes. I feel so grateful that I get to show her the world. She has started to really pay attention to people, especially her dog Navy. 

She smiles all the time now! And at everyone. It was the sweetest moment when her Grandma Great, my grandma Jody was holding her on Aunt Hillary's wedding day and she smiled some of the biggest smiles ever at her. I know it made Grandma Jody so happy and it made me so happy to. She's such  happy babe that brings so much joy to everyone around her. Especially her parents! That little toothless smile makes me happier than anything in the world. 

Her little legs are getting so strong! When we hold her up on them she gets this super determined look on her face and its the cutest. 

She's growing like a weed! I swear sometimes when I come get her in the morning she's grown. Stay little forever Halle Bug! Its really as cliche as you hear it is when you have a baby. Its a love like nothing I've ever experienced. She makes Kevin and I happier than anything else ever has. I can't explain it but she's just so happy. I love her so much! 

We had lots of visitors this month, I have the sweetest friends. Ashlee and Meghan, Stephanie, Kenzie Hall, and Bergen have come to visit us. (and bring us food :) 

 With my cousin Caytee and her daughter Madison. These two are bound to be besties! 

 She loves her Uncle Brandon:

So happy!

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  1. She is such a perfect mix of the two of you. I just want to squish her cuteness!