Newborn Photos

My friend Ashley Reese offered to take newborn photos for us and I jumped at the chance. She is one of my close friends and a really talented photographer. She took these at our house when Halle was 5 days old and it's so unbelievably crazy to me how much she has already changed! I am so glad we captured her at this teeny tiny new new new newborn stage. (she's still teeny tiny, thank goodness:) I remember that morning not feeling well AT all. I have had such a hard hard recovery from having Halle, but I really love these pictures because even though having a baby is hard, having a baby is SO happy. Kevin and I have never been more tired, but never been more happy.  

We love our Halle girl so much and I'm so glad that we have these moments captured. I just wish Kev would have been in more of them, but pictures aren't his favorite thing. Navy followed us around the house the whole time (of course) and I love that Ashley captured her as well, because it's just so "us."


  1. These are all so adorable!! I am going to need a few copies so I can put them in my blog too (with credit of course and so I can document the arrival of our cute niece). You look AMAZING for just having had a baby 5 days before these pictures.

  2. Oh my goodness, these are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing these lovely photos :)

  3. AHHH. I am dying. I am in love with every one of your blog posts. These pictures are to die for!